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TTMT #629 – Two Thumbs Up

In which I share things that have been going on for the last month or so that are not Retreat!

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TTMT #628 – Retreat Show & Tell!

In which I share a whole load of show & tell from my #bffretreat with Jewells! I apologize for the noise of the dehumidifier. It’s been raining off and on for weeks and is super humid here in Austin!

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TTMT #627 – #bffretreat 2021!

I’m a day late due to technical difficulties, but here with a fun video in a surprise location with my best friend of a lifetime, Jewells! This video is much less edited than my usual fare so as to not keep you all waiting! ♥

If you’ve seen Jewells’ video, you’ve mostly seen this one. We recorded at the same time but edited separately. 😀

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Late but worth the wait!

Hello friends! I had a video on my phone all edited and ready to save, but I am unfortunately having technical difficulties. I’m traveling home by air today and won’t have a chance to upload until tomorrow afternoon. 💜

(you can watch Jewells’ video for the scoop!)

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TTMT #626 – Tweedle-Dee & Tweedle-Doom

I finally made two more Year of Doom blocks. It’s slow going but sooooo fun!

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TTMT #625 – Raggedy Mom!

Sorry about the incorrect title earlier. Oops!

In which I share my updated 25″ Raggedy Ann rescue!

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TTMT #624 – Space Swears!

The super-secret sewing project for my daughter’s boyfriend is revealed at last!

A great big THANK YOU to each person who donated to The Linus Connection for my birthday. Your generosity is so very appreciated.

  • Find my free patterns on Sewhooked:  Free PatternsFree Fandom PatternsFree Harry Potter Patterns.
  • The Linus Connection, the local blanket making charity I volunteer for.
  • Quilt along with us on Fandom in Stitches
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    TTMT #623 – Swinging Crochet

    Post-birthday greetings on this May the Fourth in which I show off my birthdy gift and big pile of crochet from Amber!


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    TTMT #622 – Itty Bitty-O Video

    Just a short one today to share the new pattern I had come out on Fandom in Stitches last week and an update on my outdoor space.

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    TTMT #621 – Lots of Talk & One Block

    We’re outside today because it’s beautiful out and why not?!

    Sarah D, I’m thinking of you and hope you’re doing well. ♥