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TTMT #642 – Field Trip & DIY Dead Bar

In which I talk about my short but awesome field trip to La Grange last week to hang out with Jennifer R and see Michelle’s quilt at the Texas Quilt Museum, a quick mention of a quilt top I quilted & bound for a friend, and my spanking new DIY dead bar for my Gracie King Frame!

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TTMT #641 – Shhhh…it’s done!

In which I share the finished wedding quilt. I don’t usually do a reveal before gifting, but I think it’s safe to share! The quilt is being shipped this afternoon and should be there by the end of the week and certainly before the wedding!

The quilt is a nine-patch on point with 9″ finished squares. I didn’t really use a pattern, just “sketched” it out in EQ8 to get an idea of colors and then winged it!

I apologize for the crazy noise. It’s super hot here and my neighbor’s air conditioning turned on and off a couple of times as I recorded.

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TTMT #640 – Furiously Sewing

In which I share a new project and something fun I bought on clearance at HEB, my local grocery store.

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TTMT #639 – Busy At Home

I’ve been getting a TON of stuff done and almost none of it is crafting or sewing, but DIY and loads of cleaning around the house. What little I’ve done is crocheting on the baby blanket I’ve been working on. I hope you are all safe & well. ♥

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TTMT #638 – Sunshine & Whales

In which I share a gift made for a friend.

Happy 15th birthday to my daughter’s cat, Marie! She’s been part of our family since my daughter was in middle school & Marie was a kitten!

I apologize for the crazy lighting from the video filmed today. I didn’t realize how the shifting clouds were affecting the lighting until after I’d recorded. Fortunately, it’s a short one!

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TTMT #637 – Floored

In which I talk about finishing a DIY project that was long overdue, some mail, and a new crochet project.

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TTMT #636 – Fronts, Backs, & Crochet

In which I share a surprising amount of finishes! I have been working on some DIY projects over the last week, too, but I’m pacing myself in hopes of avoiding aggravating the repetitive stress injury in my right shoulder. So far, so good!

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TTMT #635 – Co-Starring Cicadas

You find me in my backyard, filming on a Monday afternoon, co-starring cicadas, and a variety of other interruptions!

I’ll be starting on some DIY at the end of this week, but I’m trying to squeeze in some quilting first!

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TTMT #634 – Galvanized!

In which I share one super small project that will be a huge help in my quilting area!

Susan, Vanda… I’m thinking of you both. Please reach out if you need us. ♥

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TTMT #633 – Maine Thang

A travel show & tell from my anniversary trip to Maine! ♥