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Episode 9 – Catching Up

5 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Catching Up

  1. Glad you have received your second vaccine. I did yesterday, sore arm today.

    You have made a lot of progress on your quilts. They are beautiful.


  2. Yay for the second shot. Soooo good!

    The post cards are really cute.
    Beautiful quilting! You gotten a lot done. Lol I never ever seem to run out of things to quilt. That’ll be the day.

    Happy Crafting


  3. Your kitchen sounds like mine, which is 70+ years old. Linoleum floor in kitchen/dining area, wood cabinets that look home made, and formica countertop. Ugh. Most of the rest is hardwood floors though, which I like, though they seriously need to be refinished.

    Great job on the quilting, and congrats on the second vaccine. I’m scheduled in a couple of weeks for #2. I need to get busy quilting my tops. It’s a tough choice to make for my freetime, piece or quilt?!


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