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Talk to Me Tuesday #8 – Postcards and Longarm Karaoke

7 thoughts on “Talk to Me Tuesday #8 – Postcards and Longarm Karaoke

  1. I have actually downloaded that same butterfly pattern I think for a possible upcoming quilt. And I like your log cabins, making them a hexi is a fun idea.

    Yay for long arm karaoke! I do that as well, although I have to admit, mine is usually 80s music and involces a lot of booty shaking, lol. Not sure if I’m brave enough to record any of it.


  2. Those butterflies are so pretty and the log cabins are crazy fun cut in he is like that.

    Haha! Love to see other people being silly when they sew. I knew I wasn’t the only one.


  3. Lol Your long arm time is far more upbeat than mine.
    I listen to true crime or history (normally scandalous history) podcast.

    I love your liberated log cabin. What a fun block

    Happy Crafting


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