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TTMT now with Rocking Chair

8 thoughts on “TTMT now with Rocking Chair

  1. I think it’s great that things are moving along with getting things sorted for Hannah at school, and I hope all the kids can go back safely sooner rather than later. It has been so tough on families and educators.

    I love that you adjusted your creative space to better suit the way you are currently spend your time. The more comfortable you are the more time you will spend in there. I’ve been meaning to ask you which cricut you have and what you love and hate about it. I am hoping to get one soon, (if they are ever in stock locally again), and keep vascillating between the Maker and the Expression Air 2. Mainly because of the rotary blade.


    1. I have the maker and I do love it,sometimes it can be difficult to cut fabric but as long as you interface it well it cuts great. I love making the vinyl on the t shirts , I have made so many and I love how they are individual and not like anything in the shops. I used to have the subscription package which I think is around £15 a month , I cancelled this recently as I wasn’t using it. I like that I can use fonts that I have on my computer in the design space (the package you put your designs in). Cutting fabric can get messy in the mats which is a pain to clean. In general there is nothing that I really dislike . I can’t comment on the other one because I have never used one but the maker is amazing. I haven’t tried it yet but you can engrave on the maker to (you have to buy another piece) . Hope you can get your hands on one soon xx


      1. That’s interesting to hear about the fabric. That’s supposed to be one of the advantages to the Maker over the Expression Air 2, The Maker has the rotary blade so that you don’t need to interface your fabric. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I’ll go with the Air2, it’s about $100 cheaper because it can’t use the rotary blade, but if I’m going to have to bond my fabric anyway, why spend the extra money?


  2. It may well be me , but every time I tried to cut using the rotary it just rucked the fabric up, maybe have a look on you tube to see if there is a trick. I thought that I would use mine for fabric loads but really I have only used it once or twice. Maybe if you do lots of applique it would be great.


  3. Vicky, it’s so nice to see you again. I haven’t made my video this week. This pandemic has really thrown me for a loop as far as dates and time. I love your little doll collection. My daughter is supposed to be returning to school this week and I just bought her a copy of Pride & Prejudice(my favorite book) and I’m hoping she’ll enjoy it as much as I have. Hang in there…as the cliche goes “We’re all in this together…..apart”.


  4. I’m sorry you are having a tough time. Worrying about your daughter, I’m sure, adds to the covid problems, too. Hang in there. I’m thrilled to hear your school has a way for YOU to help get your daughter help.

    You amigurumi is wonderful. They are so much fun to see and to make.

    Hugs coming your way.


  5. It’s so good to hear that things are moving along for Hannah. I will think only good thoughts for her and for your whole family!

    I cracked up at your description of your koala. I love that your lovies all have a back story!

    I do love a rocking chair. They are just so soothing to sit in.

    *hugs* for you, my friend!


  6. I’m so behind on videos!
    I hope the funding is working it’s way towards being approved for Hannah.

    I think it’s a hard time for so many right now. We do all go through it. Hang in there.

    I love love your Iconic Women. So cute


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