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Sewing for charity

Showing my new project for charity, inspired by Jennifer Ofenstein. Pillowcase pattern is the Hotdog Pillowcase by Jennifer Ofenstein.

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I did a thing

Hi everyone, I finished two sewing projects, but will post next week.

I have just moved month ago, (long story)

I have just started a new job, best move I ever made. I have loads of free time now, so now I can sew.

Looking forward to sharing again.

Advice please. What is the best way to work through a mountain of UFO’s?

Love to all


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Life update

Hi everyone, things are crazy at my end of the world. And I am not coping. We are currently in a severe flooding situation. Homes are washing away, and roads are closed, because of the flooding and sink holes forming. I will share some pics and links, so you can see.

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TTMT 86 Just a bit of crochet

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TTMT #85

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The Quality of the video is terrible. Will hopefully get my camera back this week. Just something small to show this week.

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TTMT 83 Knitted Blanket

Hi everyone, one more knitted blanket completed.

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Hi everyone,

Just saying hi, and showing off one crochet blanket, I finally finished.

I have enjoyed watching all your videos. My apologies for the poor sound, cant remember where I put my camera.

See you all soon.


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Personal update

Morning everyone,
Just to let everyone know, I am doing ok.

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me. And for your prayers.

I emailed OfenJen last week to say that things are bad here where I live, and at the time I was in fear of my life. Civil unrest broke out suddenly in two major provinces, the Gauteng area, and in Kwazulu Natal, which is where I live. It lasted nearly two weeks.

We are nearly back to normal, there are small, targeted areas, that are still be hit by looting. My friend, who lives in the town next to mine, phoned this morning to say that they are still burning down buildings in his area.

Just a brief outline of what happened.

About two weeks ago, mobs formed (after our previous president was convicted and sent to jail) In protest they started by attacking malls and major grocery outlets, stealing everything, then breaking everything in sight and setting whole malls and a lot of shops on fire. They stopped and stole everything from trucks transporting goods, and setting them on fire.

They then moved into the residential areas, and started targeting homes. In the town where I live, each street set up barricades at each end of the street, with fire, people with guns, cricket bats, golf clubs, paint ball guns, just a variety of ammunition. Specifically in our town, the local induna, sent all his warriors with shields and spears to patrol the perimeter of our town. Zulu Impi picture below.

As soon as a crowd of people approached, the barricades, with people guarding, the police, the military and the Zulu Impis, would whatever force necessary to drive them off. People took shifts to man the barricades and to look out. For nearly two weeks, the sound of gunfire, and explosions, screaming people, and the smell of smoke from burning cars and buildings, kept us away and basically terrified.

Most of this has passed now, but there is a lot of damage.

A lot of buildings, factories and warehouses have been burned down. And our food supplies are low. Most of the shops will never open again. There has been some Samaritan groups, who are flying supplies in during this week and for the next following weeks. Things like bread, eggs and milk, is non existent. We managed to barter something chicken for some eggs and flour, and have made some lovely home made bread, that was like heaven in your mouth.

What this whole experience has taught me,

  • is that we take things for granted, we don’t appreciate what we have
  • having a stockpile of food and water is a good idea
  • making sure you have basic bag of medicines is a necessity
  • making sure your car’s fuel tank is full all the time
  • keep in contact with your family and friends

Love to all, Vanda

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5 Hours to Lock-down!

Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to watch all the videos and have LOADS of time to sew.

So South Africa is going into lock down for Covid 19, in less than 5 hours. The rules are fairly strict, we are not allowed to leave our homes for the next 21 days. Or we will go to jail.

I had to bring my laptop home and log into the workspace to continue working until 30 March, then I am on official leave for 2 weeks. Lots and lots of time to sew!

Hopefully, I will have something to show soon. I have chosen my patterns for the Sewhooked quilt along. And will cut those out tomorrow.

See you soon.

Happy sewing.