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TTMT #450 – jewells68 – January 3, 2023 – New Year, New Hogwarts Stairs

Yes, y’all read that right, rearranging more. I know… I KNOW, but I gotta make this room more user friendly. Anyway I show you some new to me orphan blocks, and other donated fabrics I brought home from the December Linus meeting. I also show off my two fabric tree decorations together and talk about my new quilt pattern for my great-niece Madi, who graduates high school this year. Let’s have a Crafty New Year, y’all!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #450 – jewells68 – January 3, 2023 – New Year, New Hogwarts Stairs

  1. Statler and Waldorf. You’re right I was yelling at the screen!

    Awesome orphan blocks! I also like the yardage you brought home. Super cute!

    Man, those trees. I sure do love them! I think I mentioned I was thinking about making some out of different fabrics so I can have one in my sewing room all year.

    Your niece’s quilt is going to be fantastic. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!


    1. I need to figure out what the heck I’m doing with my furniture so I can get to choosing fabric for madi’s quilt. I also need to bind those two quilts I quilted last month for Linus. I think I have a decent plan for the furtniture I already have, we shall see if my body can handle it today.

      There is another lady that likes to use orphan blocks, so I let her pick through and then took what was left, except or some I definitely didn’t want to mess with. The only thing I pounced on was the two embroidered balloons.

      I want to make a tree with scraps and attach buttons and stuff like that . I love my trees!


      1. Oh, I love that tree idea!

        If the shop is able to repair my embroidery machine (and I remember!), I can try to make you a couple more balloons if if you want. I don’t have that set, but I know I have at least one balloon somewhere!

        Go forth and Hogwarts stairs!


  2. Great orphan blocks and fabrics. I look forward to seeing what you create with all of the it.

    Your trees are cute. I forgot to ask when I was home, if mom still has the one I made in elementary school.

    Your niece’s quilt is going to be neat. Happy sewing and reorganizing.


  3. I love all the orphan blocks!! After Jennifer talked about a tree for all year, I keep thinking it would be so cool to use Harry Potter fabric!
    The quilt is going to be awesome!


    1. Yes I like the idea of just a generally scrappy tree for year round. You could even piece “fabric” out of smaller scraps before cutting out your tree segments from the fabric you have pieced together.


  4. I love Statler & Waldorf! They are the best grumpy old men ever! The world needs more Muppets!

    I giggled with the reorganization. I just assuming you are always doing some degree of that.
    I did 1 inch finished squares & 2 inch finished depending on the blocks. I was definitely not for faint of heart. So I can’t imagine smaller. I am excited to see it come together.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I think my rearranging is yet another form of procrastination. I can’t work on anything with my room a disaster, but I have made progress, have set up a different configuration with regard to cutting table, made a new pressing table but still need to make the removable cover for the pressing board, and still a bit more furniture rearranging, and then I can get going. I should be back in business this weekend.

      I feel like I want to do 1 inch just because of the seam bulk alone. half inch finished would mean nothing but SEAMS, lol. It’s going to lead to a huge quilt, but will still just barely fit in the confines of my frame, so that’s ok. And it’s likely the only one she’ll get from me, so I’m ok with that.

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      1. It would be all seams! She will love it!

        I have trouble working in chaos. So I understand that issue and the procrastination. I’m currently watching videos instead of going for my planned run 😂


  5. I’m right there with you with the reorganizing…I signed up for the Declutter Challenge 2023. Haven’t started yet…but hopefully this week. I really need to be honest with myself about some of the fabrics I’m holding on to for projects…like am I really going to make them.


    1. Yes that’s it exactly. I don’t do well with the declutter challenge type things, I have to go at my own pace and with my own criteria, but I definitely need to cull some fabric. I was going to open an etsy destash store, but I think I’m just going to donate it to Linus and other local non profits that can use it. I simply MUST reduce the amount of fabric and bins in which to store it.


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