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TTMT #467 – jewells8 – May 30, 2023 – Strippin’ and Quiltin’

In which I talk about (finally) quilting up all my long-languishing Project Linus tops, including those from others, with my HandiQuilter Moxie. The top you see loaded on my frame was made by fellow TTMTer Sarah in Houston. You did a great job Sarah, it’s beautiful! Stay crafty y’all!

Jeanie, I hope your surgery goes well and you are quickly on the path to smelling the roses. 🙂 We love you!

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TTMT #466 – jewells68 – May 23, 2023 – Back It Up

In which I quickly talk about what I’ve been up to in the Project Room, and change the point of view. I apologize for the weird angle. I was in a hurry to set up and in the process broke my tripod, so I stacked the camera on top of several things and thought I had it high enough… OOPS!

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TTMT #465 – jewells68 – May 16, 2023 – The Tooth Shall Out

In which I explain my recent absence from TTMT and show a small crafty item from this past weekend. Fortunately I am on the mend and hope to be back to my ol’ crafty self soon, once my energy returns.

Thanks for the well wishes over the past couple of weeks.

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Tooth or Consequences

Endodontist last Thursday determined that the molar must come out. He referred me back to my dentist, who is closed on Fridays, so Monday she referred me to an oral surgeon, who I had actually seen before and, surprisingly, he still had my records from removing an impacted wisdom tooth in 2000. They got me in the next morning and, even though I couldn’t open my mouth enough to put even 2 of my own fingers in, he managed to get the tooth out (and QUICKLY!) using only local anesthetic. That being said, the reason I couldn’t open my mouth was a little more disturbing: the infection was in my jaw muscle in addition to my jaw. And since I was already on day 9 of the penicillin I was prescribed the previous week, he switched me to a stronger antibiotic for another week to try to kill off this infection. Healing has begun. K and Miss P went to the grocery store and bought me copious amounts of greek yogurt and applesauce to get through the first few days while I work my way back up to soup and homemade mashed potatoes. I’m back at work for a few hours a day and actually used my iron AND my cricut yesterday. I didn’t manage to get Dinos visit Beartown bound to turn in at our May Project Linus meeting this weekend, but I do have 2 quilts from Jennifer O, the last 2 she quilted before taking apart her quilting setup for packing and moving. I’ll get those labeled and measured today so they are ready to turn in tomorrow, and if I can manage it this morning I’ve got a litte cricut project in preparation for Project Linus tomorrow. I’ll save that so I have something to show in next week’s video. Hopefully by then my mouth will be opening a little wider and it won’t be so difficult to understand what I’m saying. It’s hard to enunciate and control your lisp when you can’t open your mouth properly.

I hope y’all and yours are well and you have time to be at least a little crafty this week.

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TTMT #463 – jewells68 – April 18, 2023 – Tamagotchi Quilt Begins

In which I talk about (finally) starting the Tamagotchi quilt for my great-niece Madi, and how pleased I am with how it’s going so far. I also (finally) quilted the Dinos Visit Beartown quilt that I started several years ago. It feels good to be making progress on some projects that have been languishing.

I apologize for the numerous uses of the word “chunk(s)” in this video. Not sure what was up with that but I was cracking up by the end of editing. Clearly, it’s my word for the day, lol.

Stay crafty, y’all!

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TTMT #723 – A Long P.S.

In which I share two #quiltforgood finishes destined for Jewells in Albuquerque and then forget to tell you the rest of what I got up to last week, shared in a long p.s.

Don’t forget to share a video via during April 2023 for a chance to win a mini quilt made by yours truly!

❤ Jennifer O.

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TTMT #462 – jewells68 – April 11, 2023 – Panel Parts

In which I talk about my latest Project Linus donations as well as what I brought home from this month’s meeting and what’s currently on my sewing machine. The motto for this week is “Quilter Know Thyself”. I’ve decided as far as PL goes to part with yardage that isn’t at least partially pieced or isn’t orphan blocks or chopped up panels, etc, because those are the challenges I like to work with the most. They get my creative juices flowing and are just plain fun to do! And if it’s not fun why do it, right?

Stay crafty y’all!

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TTMT #461 – jewells68 – April 4, 2023 – Design Wall is Done!!!

In which I show you my totally finished, new floor-to-ceiling design wall, plus a few other additions to my project room. Photos at the end of the video before the credits. I am super excited to have this part of the re-vamp and reorganization of my project room complete and look forward to designing many a quilt on this pristine new surface. Such a happy camper today!

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TTMT #455 – jewells68 – February 14, 2023 – Finishes and Fabric

It’s a loooong one, sorry y’all!

In which I show my first two Project Linus donations for this year as well as some fabric and orphan blocks I brought home to make more charity quilts. I’ve been working on some things for Hip Stitch but hope to be back at the Dia de los Muertos quilt very soon. Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I love my TTMT sisters!

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TTMT #450 – jewells68 – January 3, 2023 – New Year, New Hogwarts Stairs

Yes, y’all read that right, rearranging more. I know… I KNOW, but I gotta make this room more user friendly. Anyway I show you some new to me orphan blocks, and other donated fabrics I brought home from the December Linus meeting. I also show off my two fabric tree decorations together and talk about my new quilt pattern for my great-niece Madi, who graduates high school this year. Let’s have a Crafty New Year, y’all!