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Watch “TTMT #129- January 3, 2022 – An apron in a Day” on YouTube

Today I had Jordan over to make an apron. We created a pattern from the apron she had out grown. Her Great Great Grandmother had made the apron for her Grandmother. Jordan did a great job with the math, cutting, pinning and sewing. She used the binding attachment on my machine for all the striped bias tape that we made with my Accuquilt dies. She wanted pockets, so we copied the pocket of another apron. Jordan also made 9 knitted hats for Christmas gifts this year and she shows one of those too. When Jordan’s 3 year old sister left, she made sure to get the old apron, as it’s now passed down to her, the next little baker. I had a fun day sewing (teaching).

I also show the new skein of yarn I bought to add onto the scarf I’m making my son’s girlfriend. The color is the same, the twist is the same, just the new yarn is skinnier.

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