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TTMT #412 – jewells68 – September 21, 2021 – Patriotic Safari Bear

In which I show off a completed Project Linus quilt, made from what I assume was a panel for a pillow or tote, to which I added 3 simple borders. And I actually managed to record on Tuesday morning because I had an early errand before work, and my daughter was already up and about so I took advantage of being up and dressed earlier than usual.

Stay crafty y’all, I’m enjoying watching your videos!

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TTMT #411 – jewells68 – September 13, 2021 – Hey y’all, I finished some stuff!

Buckle up!

So I apologize in advance for this being long, BUT, consider it a month’s worth of video in less than 20 minutes! I’ll try to record at least one more time before the end of September so the next one won’t be so long. Meanwhile, if you can make it through this, you’ll see several finished quilts and a whole load of donated fabrics for charity quilt-making. Also WINE. 😉

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TTMT 83 Knitted Blanket

Hi everyone, one more knitted blanket completed.

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Hi everyone,

Just saying hi, and showing off one crochet blanket, I finally finished.

I have enjoyed watching all your videos. My apologies for the poor sound, cant remember where I put my camera.

See you all soon.


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TTMT #410 – jewells68 – August 1, 2021 – A Pressing Matter

In which I introduce you to several new items in the Project Room and go into probably way too much detail about my new pressing station that I finished assembling today. Next weekend I can start sewing again… it’s about time!

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*waves* Time for an Update

Hi there, I didn’t make a video last week, and clearly am headed the same direction this week, so I wanted to pop in to say hi. I think I’m going to have to start recording my videos on the weekend, even if I don’t post them until Tuesday. Weekdays are hectic. 3 adults sharing 2 cars and then one vehicle ups and dies last week. So there has been a lot of shuffling. However, we got the old truck into the shop yesterday morning and it turned out to be an easy fix, so we are back to 2 vehicles at least!

Right now in the Project Room the only thing I have been doing is working on a “new” pressing station. I really like having the frame in the middle of the room, but it made it too crowded for the mobile pressing station I had made previously.

Remember this handy monstrosity?

So over the past couple of weeks I have completely emptied and disassembled it, and am in the process of taking some of the parts to make a new one. I plan to finish that this weekend, hopefully in time for my next video. I also need to get some of those finished quilts bound (nope, haven’t done that yet). Because the next Linus meeting is a week from Saturday.

Once the pressing station is done and quilts are bound, it’s time to start loading more quilts and getting them quilted. Also finishing piecing some UFOs. I will be so ready for Labor Day Weekend. I miss having more than just a regular weekend in which to do ALL THE THINGS.

I am behind watching videos but hope to be caught up soon.

Take care and stay crafty!


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TTMT #409 – jewells68 – July 13, 2021 – Adopting “Orphans”

Indoor Meetings are BACK!

Project Linus got to meet inside at the M3 this past Saturday, and it was so nice to get to relax inside. I even brought my yarn for crochet, which DEFINITELY would not happen while we were meeting outside in the heat. People have started bringing me their orphan blocks, so next time I get to retreat I’ll have plenty to work with! Also, I apparently ordered ALL THE BATTING, lol.

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TTMT #408 – jewells68 – July 6, 2021 – Making It Work

In which I show 2 more quilted tops and talk about Project Linus this coming weekend. Woo!

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Holiday Deadlines

Good morning my friends! I’m going to jump right in this morning and say it is seriously unlikely I will get a video made until the weekend. We are closed Monday for the Independence Day Holiday, and while in broadcasting we are always working “in the future” since we have to have the day’s schedule in advance of broadcast, in the case of a Monday holiday, our deadlines are shifted even earlier. So for instance today by noon I have to have the Thursday AND Friday commercial logs ready for the traffic hub in Salt Lake City to finalize. And I just barely got through my initial workings of Thursday log at 545pm last night after not even taking a lunch break. I am still pretty slow at this job, and that was with the person I am replacing doing half of the logs! Then tomorrow the weekend logs have to be done by noon, and so on and so on. Friday is basically the day for last minute changes. SO, I’m going out on a limb and saying no video until the weekend.

That being said, I have been quilting on my weekends, and I quilted THREE tops for Project Linus this past weekend. One larger one and two baby sized. AND the best part was after thoroughly cleaning the tracks and wheels and encoder wheels and checking to make sure nothing was interfering with the encoders, I quilted all three in Precise mode, which means REGULATED STITCHING. Here’s hoping I manage to do do more quilting this weekend, though I want to get some more work done on the flying geese/panel quilt, too. And unless it’s raining I will likely have some weed whacking to do, it’s finally monsoon season here and it’s going to be raining off and on all week. Hopefully it will be enough to alleviate some of our drought.

Meanwhile I HAVE been catching up on your videos, finally, I’m only about 2 weeks behind now. The long weekend should help with that as well. Take care all of you and have a good, crafty week!