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TTMT #703 – Pile O Quilts

In which I finished quilts, a tip for getting out coffee & tea stains, and even more fun Christmas ornaments made using my Cricut Maker 3!

5 thoughts on “TTMT #703 – Pile O Quilts

  1. The cat ornaments are adorable. The Linus quilts look good. Piecing backs are lower on my list, but sometimes they become part of a reversible quilt. Then a pieced back is fun.


  2. Well you are just crafting away aren’t you. The acrylic ornaments turned out really great!

    I have to agree with you on the piecing of backs. Before I had a longarm basting was my least favorite, but since I don’t have to do that anymore piecing backs has moved up the list. I have been eyeing some wideback remnants for sale at the shop that are too small for larger quilt backs, but would be great for multiple smaller quilts. If I didn’t have so much fabric I need to use up I would be grabbing those with my discount, lol. We have one lady in my linus group that cranked out so many tops during the pandemic she started using tops as backs and making double sided quilts. I might have to try that once or twice as well


    1. I don’t mine one or two wide backs here or there, but when it’s MANY, I do get a little whiney about it!! I do love a wide back, especially for my personal quilts. I have had a ton of yardage given to me for my charity quilts, but I don’t have a lot of my own yardage. Just trying to use it up!

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  3. Piecing backings can be such a holdup can’t it? I often like the ones people show where the back is as interesting as the front, but when push comes to shove I’d do anything not to add that much more sewing to the end of my projects!

    The ornaments are great… it’s so nice to have something personalized like that!


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