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TTMT #698 – Boo!

In which I share a couple of small things and tease a Super Secret Project!

7 thoughts on “TTMT #698 – Boo!

  1. The shirt is super cute. My Halloween will be pretty chill this year. I’m not sure if we are going to ev home or not. So no point worrying about what I’m wearing.

    I love that she brings you crafty goodness. Nothing is more fun that a crafty thing from out kids.

    Hmmm sometimes I am very organized but I have struggled in my current space. It’s a huge amount of room but a tad weird because it’s area people need to walk through. I prefer to be organized but I don’t always manage.

    I am so excited for Festival!!!


    1. I’m pretty pleased with the shirt! It’s not the best quality vinyl, but I figured it would do for the two or three wears it’ll get before the end of the month!

      I feel very fortunate that my kids get how special handmade gifts are. 😊

      Being organized has been a real process for me. It’s much easier in my current space than it was before I did the massive sewing room redo. I spent a lot of time really thinking about where everything would go which has made a huge amount of difference for me. I really need to be organized or it’s hard for me to get anything done.

      ONE WEEK!!


  2. Super secret project tease was good. Looks like it has some nice light colored fabrics.
    Your shirt is cute. I like the ghost.
    The knitted dishcloth from your daughter is fabulous.
    My sew space is a disaster. I would like to be organized, but then I get busy and have fabric all over the place.


  3. Glow in the daaaaark! Love the tee. I did not realize I was so far behind watching videos!

    EEEEEEEEEEEE. I still can’t get over how amazing this past weekend was.

    I make a giant mess, and then when I can’t take NOT crafting anymore I clean up my mess and craft again and then make a giant mess, lol

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