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TTMT #332 – jewells68 – November 12, 2019 – Notes from the Sandbox

I got on a plane and did a thing! I had so much fun on retreat and can’t wait until the next one. Seriously people, get together with your crafty friends and do the thing!

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TTMT #323 – jewells68 – August 27, 2019 – Rambly Times

A wee bit of crafty since last week. If only I had taken a photo… Anyway, here’s a bit of a ramble about why I’m not piecing and why I’m not quilting, and why I committed a random act of knitting over the weekend. I am seriously loling at the still in the video preview, ROFTL!

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TTMT #318 – jewells68 – July 9, 2019 – Noodling Around

In which you see the beginnings of a special memorial quilt I’m working on while I blather on about basting with pool noodles and my dedication to imperfection. Cheers!

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TTMT #4 May 21, 2019. Shelves are up & sewing room is coming together at last.

I made this video on Wednesday. For some reason half way through, the video becomes out of sync with my voice, so please forgive the irritating Japanese dubbed video. LOL. I didn’t have time for a redo. The sewing room is coming together. I can actually put my legs under the cutting table. My goal is to finish the Accordion Carpenters Wheel. I want it as a wall hanging so I am only going to add a small border. It is bigger than It thought it would be.

Accordion Carpenters wheel. Pattern is by Eva Paige Designs

I have my work cut out for me. I want to cut down all those scraps. I will get more done if I do. I used up a great deal of my previous scraps as leaders and enders. It is time to replenish. I just have to consider cutting them up just as important as sewing. I also want to make some clothes for myself and my granddaughter.

Happy Memorial day weekend. Enjoy your families and friends.


Sewing Room May 21, 2019

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TTMT #289 – jewells68 – December 5, 2018 – Catching Up

In the midst of an early morning haze, I talk about trying to get 3 more quilts done to turn in this weekend to Project Linus, hoping to meet my 2018 goal of 13 blankets donated. Bear with me… I filmed this before 5am… because Phebe had to be at work at 4:30am and I woke up and decided to drive her since I was up. This happens at least a couple times each week. Ken and I are currently enjoying our 2nd pot of coffee, I’ve already showered, and it’s not even 6am yet! So as soon as I’m done uploading and posting I am off to piece binding!



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TTMT #36 | Decisions & Changes | 09/11/2018

Hi All!

The regular chatter… no finished projects to show, but nice fabrics for future bags that I have planned to work on.

A final conclusion to many months of weighing out some pros and cons…

Also here is the site link I mentioned: and there is also a Facebook group.

Have a creative week!

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TTMT #279 – jewells68 – September 5, 2018 – Quilts x 3

3 quilts finished! *throws confetti* Sorry it’s so long and there is so much background noise… school has started and there’s a catholic church & school just a few doors down from my house.