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TTMT #294 – jewells68 – January 14, 2019 – Feelin’ Yarny

In which I talk (way too much) about my current knitting project without actually showing you anything. *smacks head*. Oh well, at least I show you my finished Project Linus Sideways Shell blanket donation. 1 donation down, at least 11 to go!


17 thoughts on “TTMT #294 – jewells68 – January 14, 2019 – Feelin’ Yarny

  1. Good job on the sideways shells.
    More tell than show is fine with me. Still lets us know what you’re up to and touch base.
    Can’t wait to see the hooded cowl. I am crocheting a fox one, and could use some motivation to finish that and get it to my daugther.
    Maybe next week you’ll tell us about that lonely block on your design wall. Looks like the beginning of something beautiful.
    Have a great week.


    1. That block is from last year’s TTMT 1/4 log cabin block swap. I somehow ended up with 2 from Vicky and I was waiting to find out if anyone was missing one, but I guess it was just extra so it will end up in my quilt. I have the rest of the blocks around here… somewhere, lol.

      Cowl is done. I made some modifications and I think it is exactly what I wanted but I plan to try it out when I walk to work this morning in 29 degree temps.


  2. The shell afghan looks great! Love the fun colors. Your Linus group can always count on you to grab some random things off the table lol. Yarn scraps are perfect for granny squares. I like when all the centers are the same.

    I’ve knit and crocheted a few different hooded cowls and they are fun. Circular needles for heavy yarn is perfect. Makes it easier on your wrists.

    I love to ramble too. That’s why I had to add in an extra video each to show off all my projects. lol


    1. That was my thinking with the granny squares. I saw the two small balls of red and that’s when I decided to put it together. As much as I love scrappy I do like there to be at least somewhat of a plan involved, lol.

      I try to cut out as much rambling as possible because I figure everyone is here for the show and tell, but sometimes the edits make no sense and you have to leave some of it in.


  3. Oh, the Sideways Shell came out so good! I love the colors.

    I’m still cracking up at starting granny squares. At least yours will be consistent!

    I’m so glad to hear you’re knitting again and definitely look forward to those show & tells!

    We care about ALL THE THINGS. 😉


    1. I couldn’t believe I was considering the granny squares, but it’s quick, small and portable, and I didn’t feel like starting another blanket but wanted something to keep me busy so I didn’t go browse through the donated fabric! Besides, it will still be scrappy but have some sort of consistency… i call it “Scrappy with a Plan”, lol.

      I really enjoyed knitting the cowl. I think I am ready to tackle something else, but can’t decide what, yet. I should never record on the spur of the moment without thinking about what I want to say. I end up cutting out like 5 minutes…


  4. The Sideways Shell is lovely. I think all of this yarn talk, mixed with the cold weather we’re finally having here in CT, is making me want to break out the crochet needle!


  5. Your Sideways shells look great! I have gotten a yarn bug as of late. My time has been so tight lately, it’s the one thing I can do anywhere. I look forward to seeing your other stuff later. We happy to hear what’s happening with you show and tell or not.

    Happy Crafting


  6. I care! I’m just interested in whatever you (and everyone else) are doing. It’s interesting how we say we doin’t like certain things and then make them anyway! Look forward to see what the hooded cowl looks like.


    1. It’s done and it’s super soft. I made some adjustments to it because it wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for, but I really like it. I’m going to test it out today. It’s coooooold and I’m walking to work because my daughter needs the car to go to class across town (my office is just a couple blocks from home, fortunately).


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