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TTMT #503 – Itty Bitty Quilt Show!

SWAPPERS – Please include your signature and location on white paper (or send me a photo!) to be used on a quilt label for the swap. Everyone will receive one. Thanks!


13 thoughts on “TTMT #503 – Itty Bitty Quilt Show!

  1. I jumped in here from the email notice, commented, and apparently my comment went to your email (maybe?) instead of here. Anyway…just GREAT to see your exciting work, and I am SO happy for you.


  2. What a great start to 2019 for your Linus donations. The quilting is great, especially on that beautiful bargello quilt. I am so impressed with your skills and hope you continue to enjoy the new quilting system.


  3. Oh my gosh I tested that eons ago! I completely forgot about it. It was fun to do.,

    I love seeing your practice on the new machine. It’s so much fun to do isn’t it? The “practice” looks really good.

    I had some pretty wonky tension when I first got my machine. I always test on the side or on a scrap set up I have with each new bobbin. It takes a bit to get a feel for the tension on any given machine. Charity quilts are perfect for playing around with whatever skills you want to improve on.
    I sent my jelly roll yesterday. Hopefully you have to by Thursday
    Happy Crafting


    1. Some of the orphan blocks in my bin are a bit “vintage!”

      Yeah, I felt like a complete doof when I realized the tension wasn’t right on the back of my first practice piece because it looked SO GOOD on the front. The part I ended up keeping was the least dense and interesting quilting I did on that piece, but it had the best tension! I’m just grateful that didn’t happen on a quilt top. I’ve got a drawer of scrap squares now so I can test on the side before I start. 🙂

      Yay for jelly rolls! It feels a bit like Christmas again, waiting to see what everyone shares!


  4. I already had a sneak peek but I love getting to “walk past the quilts” and look at them in your video 🙂 Postage rates go up in a week or so, I guess I better get a move on with my jelly rolls!


    1. Oh, yay, I’m so glad you enjoyed that! I almost didn’t keep it in. That was me trying to decide on an angle to try to get them all and just playing as I walked back and forth!

      Yay, jelly rolls! I started putting together a quilt label to share with everyone and it’s really fun so far. 😀


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