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TTMT #432 – jewells68 – June 28, 2022 – It’s in the Bag

In which I show off my latest finish and also talk about what I am working on at Hip Stitch (and what I’m NOT working on at home, lol… Hard to believe it’s almost July! Stay Crafty, y’all!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #432 – jewells68 – June 28, 2022 – It’s in the Bag

  1. Omg, the bag looks even bigger in real life! You have a big ole blank pocket there that definitely needs some embellishment… See what you’ve done to me, lol?! Seriously, though, it really did come out great.

    Rain is so lovely and I’m SO GLAD y’all got some.


  2. The bag turned out great… and enormous! Is the teflon fabric waterproof? I’m curious about it as a textile… seems curious. but there’s a lot of stuff out there outside of the quilting world that I know nothing about 😀


    1. I *think* it might be water repellant, depends on what it’s intended use was, which I am having trouble finding out since apparently it’s old. It’s “Susan Sargent for Robert Allen @ Home”. Feels like canvas to me, and not plasticky at all, so it might just be meant to cover patio cushions or something. I know nothing about it but apparently they make upholstery fabric, so it might be used for slip covers or something. I guess I need to test a scrap!


  3. Omg Rain! We need it so badly. It rained in May by use and again last week when I was in NC. My neighbors were so excited that everyone was posti g videos of the 10 minutes of rain.

    The bag is ginormous! It looks good and sturdy.

    Happy Crafting


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