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TTMT #681 – Sitting & Hooking

This week finds me still sitting after injuring my bad foot. If you want to skip foot talk, go to about 1:40 in the video. Seriously, I explain the whole thing. 😐 Inactivity has found me crocheting pretty much non-stop. I have two more blankets in progress that I didn’t even show today!

TTMT Videomakers! If you are on Facebook, you should have an invite to our private group to discuss going to Quilt Festival. If you don’t have an invite, just let me know here and I’ll add you! If you aren’t on FB and want details, just drop me an email. Sewhooked at Gmail. ♥

8 thoughts on “TTMT #681 – Sitting & Hooking

  1. That boot doesn’t slow you down one bit.
    The wash clothes and blankets are neat.
    Mail call was good to see too. The projects Abby sent are nice.


  2. The baby blankets turned out so beautifully… I love the colours of the first one in particular. They’re really lovely. I like the dish cloths as well.. we use a bunch of crochet dish-clothes and they’re our favourites.

    Fun mail all around!


  3. The corner to corner blankets are so pretty! I need to learn this pattern. I don’t do a lot of yarn work because i get distracted and lose count. Only to 6 would work!

    I sorry about the damage to heal from. Sending good vibes!

    So much fabulous mail! Enjoy


  4. You made the most of your forced seating with all the crochet and then the research down a certain rabbit hole for the item not mentioned but visible in the entire video. 😉
    What great “just add water” projects to help you get sme stuff done quickly after you are back on your feet more.


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