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TTMT #682 – The Pegasus in the Room

In which I share my new toy, show a heap of crocheted blankets for The Linus Connection, and talk about The Pegasus in the Room!

I’ve changed the way I do my thumbnails over the last few weeks. I’ve also been toying with the idea of not making thumbnails at all. Thoughts? Keep making custom static thumbnails or let YouTube generate one?

TTMT Videomakers! If you are on Facebook, you should have an invite to our private group to discuss going to Quilt Festival. If you don’t have an invite, just let me know here and I’ll add you! If you aren’t on FB and want details, just drop me an email. Sewhooked at Gmail. ♥

6 thoughts on “TTMT #682 – The Pegasus in the Room

  1. I can covering my eyes and ears through your Cricut section while repeating, “ I do NOT have time for this. I do Not need this!” 😂

    Moving on lol

    Amber!!!! Princess of Pointy Circles ❤️ All of them are fantastic!

    Oh 1983 called to say hello 🤣 I love it. Enjoy the view


    1. I am afraid to say that you will probably be seeing more Cricut in the future! Do I need to put a warning label on for you??
      Amber is definitely a rockstar! I cannot believe how many blanket she’s already donated this year!
      1983 is it and I couldn’t resist!

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  2. “ONE OF US. ONE OF US.” lol First Rule of Cricut Club, spread the cricut love, lol. Now I am making tees for my sibling reunion in September. I need to get to designing!

    Go Amber! I keep getting on a crochet kick and then blowing out my wrist so I’ve gt to be more careful not to go so long at one time and so many days in the same week. Maybe I need a regular crochet appt twice weekly for an hour or something, lol.

    Oh my, I LOVE the pegasus! I am really starting to love working with panels. Especially combining them with orphan blocks for Linus, but I just like them in general. It’s a challenge to come up wth a unique way to present them in a quilt.


    1. The Cricut rabbit hole is real and contagious! I keep googling different ideas to see who has done it and how!

      Amber is amazing. I can’t believe how many blankets she’s knocking out!!

      The pegasus. OMG. I’m not huge into panels, but I had to have it, lol!


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