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TTMT #538 – Granny Squared

Edited to add…I totally forgot to mention that the coral yarn was ombre! I ended up with several shades of granny squares which I just loved. The white and final border color were from Jennifer R. ♥


11 thoughts on “TTMT #538 – Granny Squared

  1. At least all your granny squares are a single color. Mine changed color every. round. So. Many. ends. I am glad you mentioned the join, it wasn’t one I was familiar with and I wondered what it was. And I’m glad you at least have something crafty you can do here and there, though I know it triggers your RSI.


    1. Yeah, I did the single color thing on purpose. 😉

      This is the join I used a zillion years ago when I made a twin-sized crochet afghan for Elena’s bed. It’s super fast and easy-peasy!

      Since I’m not quilting (or paper piecing!), the RSI is mostly behaving. I just need to not push it.


  2. Very unique way to put granny squares together. I’ve not seen that. I’ve been making giant granny square blankets using ombre yarn. It does away with most of the ends. I also try to work them in as I go. That doesn’t leave as many at the end. Glad you are able to do some crochet. Hugs


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