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TTMT #326 – jewells68 – September 17, 2019 – Bearly Quilting

In which I show off my first week’s blocks for the new Project Linus Mystery Quilt “Logey Bear Leads the Way”. This year I’m using all stash fabrics/scraps. The Pfaff/Regulator saga continues, but I didn’t go into it at all this week. Also I forgot to mention that a coworker gave me an old (but never used) quilt she won in a silent auction for her son’s theater group years ago that had just been sitting in a bin. It looked ruined but I washed it in warm with a couple of color catchers and lo and behold it came out just fine. So I snipped a few threads, sewed a Project Linus label on it called it PL2019 #8, which means I’m still only ONE blanket behind for my donations this year, yay!

Here’s a photo of the quilt before and after washing:

14 thoughts on “TTMT #326 – jewells68 – September 17, 2019 – Bearly Quilting

    1. I wasn’t really planning to join in the mystery this time and then they released the pattern and I thought… I’ve never made any of those bear paws before…. and so it begins, lol


  1. Sometimes you just have to put a project in Time Out!

    I am LOVING the Bear Paws. The batiks are perfect.

    Aww, look at your tiny pouch, that is so pretty! Hawaiian applique is so lovely.

    Yay for an unused quilt going out into the world to be loved!!


    1. honestly I was seriously wishing I hadn’t already cut everything up for that Halloween Quilt 2 because I was thinking that fabric would have been great in the Linus mystery quilt, lol. I get on these kicks and go go go and then I’m like… meh. I’m really glad i decided to do the batiks though.

      I love my pouch. I might use it to store stuff inside my uke case. Seems appropriate!

      I’m so glad that quilt worked out. It’s a shame someone would have that for so long just sitting in a box.

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  2. I signed up for the Linus quilt but didn’t realize they had put our the 1st block until I saw yours. I was thinking about doing it, too. I do like to START things. Maybe I’ll use batiks too.


    1. My thought with the bear paws was if I don’t like the direction I think the quilt design is headed I could still work it into a Linus quilt anyway. I stumbled across the baggy with my week 2 pattern of last year’s PL mystery and the fabric I had already cut out and partially pieced, so I went ahead and started working on it again, lol.


  3. Oh sweet bear paws. I saw the link to sign up but honestly thought better of it. I would honestly just feel overwhelmed by it right now. I like your blocks.

    Your coworkers always bring you such thoughtful gifts.

    How great that the quilt washed up nicely. It’s really nice looking quilt.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I decided to go ahead and sign up and make the donation, and NOT buy any fabric and if I didn’t feel it when I saw the first pattern I would just consider it money well spent anyway. But then I thought, why not at least piece week one and use up fabrics. I’ve kind of been really floating around lately without a lot of direction in my crafting, and I’m ok with that. I even started working on last year’s mystery again because I stumbled across the partially pieced week 2 and my week 1 blocks. I need to work on the memory quilt but I needed a break from it. I am planning to finish it up soon, however.


    1. Thanks! The bear paws were fun to make, and I am so glad to still only be one month behind on my Linus goals. And it’s much better to have someone use that quilt than have it just sitting around in a box.


  4. The bear claw look great! I’m just catching up on videos so I don’t know where the project is at right now, but I sort of feel like even if you get bored of it and don’t finish the mystery quilt, you can still put these blocks together into something special… the batiks do look really good together!

    So nice to turn that unwanted quilt into a Linus quilt so it can be used and loved like it’s meant to be.

    What a beautiful little zipper pouch!


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