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TTMT #460 – jewells68 – March 28, 2023 – Design Wall Progress

Today I’m sharing my progress on my new design wall, which is moving right along! For the tutorial on how to cut and cover a hole for your wall outlet in your design wall visit Wendi Gratz’ tutorial or you could check out her entire tutorial, which I kind of wish I had first, then I could have avoided constantly peppering Jennifer O with questions, lol. I would say Wendi’s is probably one of the best tutorials I’ve seen for this project, and I have seriously done my research y’all. Some that know me well might tell you I over think and over research things, but I prefer to think of myself as deliberate and thorough, lol. Curious about the new Paper Piecing Basics class? You can check it out on the Hip Stitch website. This Friday’s class is almost sold out, need to schedule another one in April I guess!

11 thoughts on “TTMT #460 – jewells68 – March 28, 2023 – Design Wall Progress

  1. I loved the pan. I want a 360, lol!

    Yay for the design wall progress. I really hope you love it!

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your new class format works. Professional interest as well as BFF interest!


    1. No 360 for… well… reasons…. BUT I can do a bigger pan standing with my back to the closet and get most of the room. Minus the closet, lol.

      Another person signed up today, so now there are 6!

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  2. Looks like the wall is coming along nicely!!
    Nothing wrong with putting your due diligence in. I have a tendency to do the same thing
    I’m sure your class will go great. Have fun!!


  3. I hope your new and improved class goes great. I’m sure your patterns will be good.

    I liked getting to see your room. The peg board is going to be a nice addition to the sewing room.

    Your design wall will work great for you when you get it done.


  4. I love the metal peg boards! Bob has them in his work space. The are just perfect. Like the delightful nerd he is 😃,he 3D prints the hooks and different parts to fit his tools.

    Design walls are always great to have.

    I hope you enjoy the new version of your class. I’m so glad to see it’s going strong.


    1. I love them too!. I need to head to harbor freight. I want some moxie colored accessories, like the spraypaint can holder that will also hold cups and my canned air, etc. I’m looking forward to gradually getting it accessorized.

      I got the design wall up yesterday but decided to use some leftover pieces of foam and flannel to add an extra strip up at the top and maximize my space completely this morning. Then what’s left of the foam will make Miss P a new bulletin board and maybe one another one for the project room, too. USE IT UP. I don’t want to store it, lol.


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