TTMT Video

TTMT#32823-Shop Hop N Retreat-Take 5!

5th Times a charm!!!! Take a second look, this time with volume!

3 thoughts on “TTMT#32823-Shop Hop N Retreat-Take 5!

  1. I love all the Tula. That was the same lines used in the Nebula BOM. I have a few of the hexagons and fairy dusk in different colors because I adore them.

    Oh have fun on retreat. It’s always so fun. I to bring way to much thinking I’ll accomplish more.

    Happy Sewing


  2. What a great shop hop! Sounds really fun. And so much yummy fabric!

    Ooooh retreat! I hope you have a blast!

    Was your class actually with her or was it zoom or someone else teaching the technique? I am seriously intrigued by that technique. I remember her from festival.


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