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TTMT #124 Beast and more

Travel case for Bee Market

4 thoughts on “TTMT #124 Beast and more

  1. The fantastic beast quilts often amuse me because I like to imagine people unfamiliar with the source material stumbling over one someday and trying to figure out what all the creatures are and why they’ve been rendered in quilt form 😀

    Agreed that things seem a bit suspect with that shop.. unfortunate!

    The travel kit in the pictures is really beautiful.. I love that blue fabric.

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  2. What a great Linus quilt that’s going to make, thank you!

    Wow, just wow on the shop. That is so sketchy. You may have dodged a bullet not purchasing from them. I am sorry about your machine, that’s such a bad feeling, but I’m glad you had other machines to use.


  3. The FB quilt is cute, some kid is going to really dig that. Just think it’s full of cool creatures, even if they don’t know if is from FB. The travel kit is cute. Ugh that shop sounds like the one that sold me the defective grace quilt frame. Just sketchy and I will never do business with them again.


  4. The fantastic beast quilt is fantastic.

    That is unfortunate about your machine. It sounds like you are looking for a new dealer/service shop. I really like my Bernina machines. Keep looking, when the right shop/machine shows up you’ll know. In the meantime it sounds like you have a machine that you can keep sewing.


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