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TTMT #435 – jewells68 – August 9, 2022 – Mostly Fabric

In which I talk about my paper piecing class, talk about making pillowcases for Miss P, and then show a whole lot of fabric I probably had no business buying, but it was soooo purty. 😉 And a couple of paper pieced block samples I pieced for my class display. I’m out of town next week, but should be back here in a video the following week. Stay crafty, y’all!

10 thoughts on “TTMT #435 – jewells68 – August 9, 2022 – Mostly Fabric

  1. Those are some really wild and fun fabrics your daughter picked out. They look like they’ll make great pillowcases. I assume that geodes one is a digital print? Some of them are just so crazy beautiful. Fun for her that she’s moving out!

    Those exclusive prints are very cool – the cactus is really lovely. People really like those kind of local type prints.. it’s a fun way to get something specific to an area when you’re travelling through too.

    I had to laugh that you’re “too lazy” to return the not-foundation-pieced pattern…. to the place you work 😀

    The wideback you found is really lovely. That’s going to be a great backing too… it’s a great blender print in the way that will hide your stitching almost no matter what colour you use for quilting.


    1. I would say that those are definitely digital prints. The entire line is truly gorgeous, seeing it on camera cannot do it justice. And that wideback. OMG that Origins line of fabric is just amazing.

      Oh yeah, we have had so many people passing through lately. One of the prints is an alphabet panel specific to NM, (A is for Albuquerque, R is fr Road Runner, that sort of thing) and we have gone through 10 bolts of the panels since it first arrived in May.

      Yeah I know, it’s pretty silly not to return the crazy quilt freezer paper thingy, but I won’t be back at work until at least the 22nd and now that I have it I kind of want to try it out, lol. Of course I don’t own any layer cakes, so now I need one of those, lol.


  2. That backing fabric really is soooo good. SO GOOD. I like Ms. P’s prints, too.

    Lobster stew is a weird name but a super cute block! Your students will enjoy having the option.

    I totally agree with you that local prints are wonderful. You already know that’s what I looked for when I visited last year!

    I also laughed at not returning the freezer paper patterns, but as the husband likes to say, “well, now it’s a challenge!”

    Safe travels. ♥


  3. The lobster stew block would make a great I spy quilt for kids.

    The pillow case fabrics are beautiful.

    I would love a half yard of the cactus and roadrunner prints. Those are so neat.

    I love the backing fabric for your nephews quilt. It is perfect.

    Have fun traveling and sewing.


    1. It is great for I-spy, I’m glad I decided to include it in the class options.
      Going to get those Pillowcases sewn shortly! Maybe I will get a video filmed before I leave after all.
      That origins fabric is just beautiful. I often recommend it as a blender and backing.
      Need to pack but still have a couple of days. I am SO ready for a vacation!

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  4. I love the fabric P picked out. Really fun.

    The local artist fabric is cool. I think it would be pretty cool to have more of that everywhere instead of being the same stuff everywhere.

    The backing fabric is literally perfect! Omg I am going to check out that line. Really delicious

    Have a fabulous bff retreat


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