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TTMT #687 – The Great Clean-Up

In which I clean, clean, clean my fabric stash and share a gift made for a friend, plus loads of wonderful mail!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #687 – The Great Clean-Up

  1. Kristel’s quilts are great, and I will happily take a few to quilt up for my chapter of Project Linus here in NM. I’m planning to have a marathon quilting session in September and/or October where I crank out every unquilted Linus top I have in my space, and then just gradually get them bound as I find the time so that I can continue donating to my group the end of the year and going into 2023.

    So much yarny goodness from Amber! I bet it felt great to get through all that huge Yarnia yarn stash. Destashing seems to be the theme for 2022, so that’s what I am working on myself as you know. 😉 I’m tired of be buried in supplies.

    So happy you are back to sewing!! Look forward to seeing all the amazing quilt tops about to be created.


    1. Kristel does such beautiful work, I’m sure her tops will be a joy to quilt!

      I have seen Yankia with my own eyes, granted a much depleted version because dang, Amber has been busy!

      We will use it up and make all the quilt tops!!


  2. Busy busy! I think even if I didn’t work full time I still won’t get as much done as you do in any given week 😀

    Big mail week for your poor post-person! The afghan’s from Amber are fantastic as always. The slanty one is very cool.

    Def. feel free to share with Jewels! I will say – having seen your comments to each other about the tops above – that there are some slightly suspect seams in the two disappearing nine patches. Not like… likely to pop suspect, but suspect enough I might suggest doing a slightly heavier than average quilt job on them. I STRUGGLED with those two tops – the layer cake square I used were not the same 10-inch size and everything went wild very quickly. I have been known to pick apart blocks and redo them, but I hated everything about making those blocks and couldn’t bear to do anything but sew them up into tops and never look at them again haha.

    Seriously that cricut does SO many things. So many more than I guessed they might do. The project is very nice.


    1. I could see the boxes through my front window, which is about four feet high!
      I feel you on not enjoying those blocks. It doesn’t happen to me often but occasionally, I will just want to be done.
      I am loving the Cricut. It’s a nice additional tool to have! I’ve been looking into how to use it with some of my quilting tools, which is apparently an option!


  3. Yeah for getting out of the boot. I sew with my left foot most of the time. I sometimes turn the foot pedal around and press down with my heel. That puts pressure on the foot in a different way.

    It sounds like you have been busy organizing the sewing space and fabrics.


    1. I used my left foot after my first surgery, and it was okay but ended up causing some issues with my left knee, which has an old injury. It’s always something!

      It’s been good to get to touch all of my fabric again. There’s so much I forgot I had!

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