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TTMT #409 – jewells68 – July 13, 2021 – Adopting “Orphans”

Indoor Meetings are BACK!

Project Linus got to meet inside at the M3 this past Saturday, and it was so nice to get to relax inside. I even brought my yarn for crochet, which DEFINITELY would not happen while we were meeting outside in the heat. People have started bringing me their orphan blocks, so next time I get to retreat I’ll have plenty to work with! Also, I apparently ordered ALL THE BATTING, lol.

18 thoughts on “TTMT #409 – jewells68 – July 13, 2021 – Adopting “Orphans”

  1. Looks like you got some really cool blocks to play around the red and white block on your wall. My son bought me the 120 wide for my birthday and I really like it. I was able to get 2 quilts out of one cut.


    1. I really like the black and white and tan ones, I wish there were more of those. I just wish I had more time to play.

      I am so glad you are liking your quilting setup with the frame.

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  2. I like 120″ wide batting. But I just bought a 30 yard roll of 96″ wide batting.

    The orphan blocks will be fun to play with.

    Glad you have a job.


    1. Honestly 81″ wide batting would be enough for most of my quilts, but I haven’t seen that on a bolt, which is why last time I bought 90 or 96 wide. It’s fine, I’m used to having to cut it down. It’s not like my frame has a batting bar anyway.

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  3. You have some very interesting blocks to play with. The blocks hanging on your wall are very nice and I have no doubt you’ll make a couple of great quilts with them. The blocks in the bags look great too; well, the blocks in two of the bags. Is there writing on the back of all of the blocks? If so, can you just cut that off, cut up the rest of the blocks into smaller blocks and make crumb blocks from them? Just a thought,


    1. The writing is randomly on most of the white portions of the blocks, and in different colors, which is why at first glance I thought it was actually an aspect of the fabric itself. Not sure why someone would do that on so very many blocks, I could understand one or two while you are learning. I haven’t tried getting the marks damp to see what happens. Maybe they will disappear in the wash. I don’t have the interest or energy in chopping them up and starting over, so if I decide I won’t use them I’ll donate them.


  4. The orphan blocks should be fun to play around with.

    I have lots of batting as you can imagine.
    I have the 120 for when I get Kings to quilt. You can cut it
    Just the with of the tops and keep rolling it. You just won’t get to do two at once with the share batt.

    Happy Crafting


    1. My frame doesn’t have a batting bar, so I can’t just leave it there and roll it. So I’ll always have to cut it or have it on the floor. I cut what I need and then seal the rest back up in the package it came in to keep it clean and safe. It should last me a good while!


  5. So, I watched this on the way home but I couldn’t reply because I finished right before the plane took off and then I totally forgot!!

    We are officially the Orphan Block Sisters! The ones you received are great. We clearly need another retreat… 😉

    Since you have an odd number of butterflies, could you hand wash one of them and see if the marks come out? Could be worth potentially sacrificing a block to be able to use the rest!

    I love wide quilt backs and I cannot lie. So. Easy.


    1. Great minds think alike! I was finding what appears to be the “worst” of the orphan blocks and seeing if I could clean it. Thought I might just try applying a little water at first to see if that did anything. Maybe even just soak it for a bit in cold water. For sure no ironing because that could make whatever it is permanent! Unless it’s the kind that is supposed to iron off, lol. Guess there is no way to tell until I try. We will DEFINITELY need another retreat as soon as we can manage it.


  6. You might be able to cut off the part of the block with the marker and then cut the rest of the blocks to make scrap blocks. Also, could out take out just the part of the block that has the marker and replace it with another fabric.
    Just some thoughts, I’m sure you will figure out what works best for you.


    1. I’m going to take one and see if it comes out if I carefully soak/handwash it. It’s literally on every single white piece of fabric, so I would have to disassemble each block to replace it, and that’s not going to happen. It it won’t come off I’m just going to donate the blocks and make it someone else’s problem.


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