TTMT Video

TTMT #94

Battle Cat, Patriotic mini quilt and pillows with zippers

10 thoughts on “TTMT #94

  1. Wow! that He-man and Battlecat turned out great, as did the patriotic quilt. Very nice. But the pillow cases, I’m not so sure. Maybe you should send me a couple so I can make up my mind. LOL! I really like those too. Great idea to hide the zipper like that.


  2. Battlecat turned out great. I have had to do that when matching pieces of a large pattern like that together. It will totally disappear in the quilting and especially after it’s washed.

    Standing with the frame at sitting height could totally do that to your back. I have done that myself. Do you hold the handlebars with both hands? I have found it works really well and is better for my neck and back (I have pretty bad arthritis in my neck and shoulders) to drive the carriage with one hand and use the other hand to help guide myself on the quilt. That’s one of the great things about quilting on a frame system, it’s so easy to move the carriage with the more recent frames and carriages. Take care of that back. It will tell you when you need to adjust the frame or maybe adjust your chair higher.

    That’s a great idea on the pillowcases! I have one that the pillow keeps coming out of. I need to do something to keep it in there. It’s the pillow I hug when I sleep to keep my shoulders from pulling on my neck.


  3. Wow!!!! BattleCat and HeMan turned out amazing. I know it was intense but I’m so glad you did it.

    Oh leaning over definitely will mess my back up. I hope you are feeling better.

    I love your flag quilt.

    Happy Crafting


  4. I love, love, love Battlecat. I actually really like the sort of minimalist He-Man. It looks amazing.

    It’s wonderful to see you quilting away on your new frame.

    Your zippered pillowcases are so darn clever! What a great way to make the pillow stay put.

    I really hope your back is feeling better this week. ♥


  5. The Battle Cat is amazing! You do such nice work. Sometimes there’s just that one paw! That’s how I would have resolved it, too. Glad you worked it out so smoothly.

    The flags are precious. Some load so easily and some are difficult. Sorry about your back. You know what you have to do (slow down, don’t strain, etc.). I know a lot of people who thought they could sit to quilt and end up standing. You may need to raise your frame. Relax your shoulders and not bend unnecessarily.

    Great zippers. Like a secret room inside your pillow!

    I hope your back is better…I can’t stop marveling over that Battle Cat!


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