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TTMT #43

9 thoughts on “TTMT #43

  1. The Ice Box monster is so cute! I love him.

    Ouch, I am sorry about your finger. I hope it heals quickly.

    Have fun with the orphan blocks. I’m sure you’ll come up with a fun way to put them together.

    Happy, happy birthday! Remember, age is just a number. As my physicist son has told me, time is a human concept anyway!

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  2. What a cute monster! I have really enjoyed watching your HP blocks on instagram.

    ouch, I have done that with my rotary cutter and lost part of a nail in the process. The blades are so sharp the wounds are generally pretty clean, but hurt like the dickens. I hope you don’t need stitches.

    You have such fun plans for your socks with the temperature ones and now your astro ones.

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  3. Happy Easter Birthday! My sister’s BD is 4/10 and she has an Easter Birthday every blue moon or so. 65 is young! But apparently you’re trying to get there a little too quickly. Slow down….you said it’s April 26, and I think it’s only April 16, so one of us is aging either too quickly or too slowly. lol

    Those HP blocks always make me smile. Irving is adorable! I bet the monsters will really appreciate their new friend.

    I’m so sorry Rich is facing difficulties…my Dad had urinary afflictions and it’s miserable.

    I bet you appreciate the Astros making your socks so nice lately. I’m a big fan (lived in Houston for 7 years).

    Sorry about your finger. You too need to be careful and try to pay the doctors less visits!

    Orphan blocks are fun. Sometimes your own orphans can be troublesome, because you walked away from them for a reason. But someone else’s are just a challenge.

    Of course you can handle being 65!!!! Any alternative is simply not acceptable. You will be a very fun, young 65, so wear it proudly!!!

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    My youngest son was born April 8th and he has had a few Easter birthdays. He thought It was the greatest.

    Rebecca Danger has so many fun monster designs. Your monster is cute.

    Your Astro socks are going to be so cool.

    Ouch! Those darn rotary cutters. They can slip so easily.

    Retreat scraps. I bet those will be fun to dig through. Great way to add to your postage stamp quilt. Who throws away blocks? 😂😂😂


    1. I don’t understand how someone could throw out blocks. If I didn’t like them, I’d send them to Jennifer!! I really like these so that’s why I’m going to see if I can do something with them.


  5. #1: Happy Easter Birthday to you!
    #2 No more ouchies for you or Rich. I hope you both heal quickly and that it is the last of that for a while.
    #3: Great idea for the Astros socks. I hope there is very little white on them for the rest of the season.
    #4: Really cute Monster.
    #5: Have a great week and enjoy your birthday!

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  6. Oh no!You’ve had a rough week. I hope Rich is doing better & that you are healing well.

    The Ice Box monster is adorable. I love knitted creatures. My Grandmother made me adorable crotchet toys as a little one. They were always so sweet.

    The Astros socks are the greatest idea. If I could get my daughter to knot again, I think she’d love making socks for her Indians. She has become really into it this year. Watches or listens to game she can.

    Enjoy your Easter Birthday. I can’t every remember Easter being this late. My parents 53 wedding anniversary is this Tuesday. Their anniversary has never been this close to Easter. I hope you have a lovely day.

    Happy Crafting


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