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TTMT #516 – Sitting Down

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18 thoughts on “TTMT #516 – Sitting Down

  1. Sorry doubt your foot. Reading is good for confinement! The Grouchy Ladybug binding was leftover from my Grayson’s quilt. Fun to see someone else will have fun with that too.
    Hang in there. 🙂


  2. Of course I have been with you every “step” of the way with this injury, so to speak. You did an amazing job with the double quilt quilting. That was fun when I did it, I hope to do it again sometime. I love that map fabric so very much!!!!!

    Definitely do your demo, even if you have to do it sitting down. Rest rest rest and heal heal heal.



    1. I was on such a roll with the quilting! The original plan was two more yesterday, but you saw how that went!

      I’ve had two naps today and it’s only 2pm, so guess I’m on top of the resting!


  3. The orphan blocks are going to be awesome Linus quilts!

    Spraining your ankle only stops the standing/walking…the rest of you seems to be fine. I don’t really care if you can stand this week–although I’m sure you do.

    Your finished quilts look amazing, and we can wait to see whole photos.

    If it helps, I “fell apart” the year I turned 40. After my doctor diagnosed me with Arthritis, Bursitis, Tendonitis, and glaucoma (one these things is not like the other), I told him, “One more ‘itis’ and I’m changing doctors.” He stopped there. The good news is that all of those things stopped bothering shortly after that and I got a second wind. So don’t get discouraged. I also firmly believe that I prefer for “bad things” to come in clusters, leaving more time “between” them–otherwise we would be in or recovering from bad things all the time.

    Chin up, Princess, you’re just in a minor setback that will be over before you know it. Pet that kitty for me!


    1. Hurting my bad foot was pretty scary, but fortunately it isn’t the part that already needs more surgery! I’m managing to rest, but this reminds me way too much of being post-surgery a few years ago. It’s been a year of minor set backs. I’m generally quite chipper, and I will be okay once the pain has abated. Consider the kitty petted!


      1. Sometimes things like that can make me feel old, but then it passes and I forget I’m not as young as I used to be and then I put myself in positions I shouldn’t at my age. You’ll be right as rain soon.

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  4. Your poor ankle. You have had way too much bad luck with your feet in the past year ++. Hopefully you survive your rest period and your ankle heals quickly 🤞🤞🤞


  5. I’m so sorry about your poor ankle. But it sounds like you have taking care of yourself and allowing it to heal covered. Just be careful and good to yourself!
    Wow! You did get a lot done last week. The Clover quilts look great.
    I am surprised how good those simple 4-patches look on your design wall. I made those shortly after the whole chemo thing when I was just starting to sew/quilt again. I don’t even remember what I planned to do with them. I’m glad they are going to be put to use.


    1. They will absolutely be put to good use, I already have a plan percolating!

      Staying off my feet has been made easier by the ouch of the situation! I’ve sprained an ankle before, but this is definitely the worst. It’s really driven home the point of us needing a single story home.

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  6. Ugh So Sorry about your ankle. It is so hard been immobile like that! I get so nuts when I’m told to stop moving or forced to stop. I can only imagine the sheer panic when you got hurt. I hope it heals quickly for you. I’m sure PB is taking good care of is hot GF 😂

    I have got to try the double quilt top thing! It looks so fun.

    I love seeing the orphan books come in for Linus. I have FQs for you now let’s see if I manage to get them mailed off or not. Maybe next week after my mulch dump.

    I am thinking maybe some fabulous new designs emerge this week.

    Hope you are hanging in there.


    1. PB is a rock star. 😉

      For the double quilting, I pieced one epic back (it looked like tent!) and it worked great!

      No designing as of yet, though I’ve done some pattern updates. My ability to focus has been sporadic!


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