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TTMT #91 Baby Quilt #20

7 thoughts on “TTMT #91 Baby Quilt #20

  1. LOVE the quilt. I think the pink and yellow are evenly dispersed. There may be more of those colors compared to the other quilts, but it looks good. So bright and cheery.
    I’m always in that time zone. Since retiring I never know what day it is. Thank goodness I’m good about putting things on the calendar.


  2. Time is funny like that. I know exactly what you mean.

    Another great baby quilt. Bye bye, big monster fabric! It served you well!

    I’ve always thought of “sewing” and “quilting” and “bag making” as different artforms, also.


  3. I think that weird time thing is universal. Since we retired I can’t keep up with the days so I’m often surprised that it’s Thursday already or is it really the 17th? Anyway, #20 is my favorite baby quilt so far!!!


  4. I love a happy bright baby quilt.
    I swear I have been in a weird time warp for 6 months. We are in limbo land waiting on news in a couple rather big areas of life all the time this past 6 months. While day to day I feel like I never have enough time the weeks and months are dragging on in limbo. Hopefully that will stop soon.

    Happy Crafting


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