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TTMT #10 Wild About Knitting

Edit at 10:30 am. Just had the test and all went well. Seems that what they saw was related to my hiatal hernia. I’ll get it checked out later. I’m just glad all is well with my heart!

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TTMT #9 Completed Projects

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Therapy Fun!


Hi everyone! I’ve had a rough couple of days with my therapy. They are trying to get my knee to straighten completely  and there’s some pain since the knee has not done that for most of my life. Trying to video today was just not an option.

Did want to share what else I’ve been up to. I did frog (rip it) the shawl I talked about last week. It’s been a tad discouraging to not be finishing much this month. Last night I finally finished a hat which helped a little. I should have a shawl completed by tomorrow so that would be great.

Hopefully I will be able to video next week. Great to see all the videos!


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TTMT #8 Knitting and Frogging!

One of these days I’m going to get all the stuff figured out. As good as I am with technology the video editing and posting has me stymied . Let’s see if this will work!

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I did not have my surgery today. Blah! Aetna has not approved my procedure so it was delayed until Friday. I hope it gets settled and I can get this started. I will have the other knee done in the summer so I don’t want to wait much longer.

I’m enjoying all the videos today. I’ll keep you all posted.



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TTMT #7 I Just Want to Scream!!!

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TTMT #5 – Retreat Fun