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TTMT #705 – Bows & Toes

In which I share more quilts for Linus made by a variety of people, some bows, and talk about my toes!

6 thoughts on “TTMT #705 – Bows & Toes

  1. I love all the bows. The quilts look great. Linus will put them to good use.
    The lights are pretty as is the fun dish towel.

    Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery from your surgeries. Keep us posted.


    1. Thanks, Michelle! It’s been so long since I played with bows, I had forgotten how much fun they can be.

      And thank you. I’ve known for a while that more surgeries were coming, but didn’t want to say anything until I had a schedule.

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  2. The bows are fantastic! Wish I had had the bowmaker when I was making bows for my wedding. I decorated all the pews with bows I had made, but yours are fancy! LOL! 🙂


  3. That is EXACTLY the same bow maker my folks had. Sadly the bowmaker is not in the bag of supplies I brought from their house, just a whole lot of ribbon that would work perfectly with it. Not sure if another sibling took it or if Mom got rid of it. I can’t imagine her getting rid of it because, as you know, SHE DID NOT GET RID OF ANYTHING. EVER. lol

    The quilts are so great. OMG the foot . I hate that you have had so much foot drama, but I’m so glad things are getting done to make it better for you.

    I love that G is enjoying the cricut, too. Someday he might even need his own because he’s using it so much, who knows?!


    1. I am so VERY tired of talking about my damn foot. It is what it is and I’ll get through it.

      I love that your parents had the same bow maker! I love that thing. Sadly, most of the ribbon that came from E’s mom was so old it just shredded when I tried to use it. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for clearance/thrift ribbon through the year!

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