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TTMT#22823-Small victories

2 thoughts on “TTMT#22823-Small victories

  1. Hey, Abbie! I hope this week finds you feeling much better!

    I’m loving your quilt top that you’re going to donate, it’s very cheerful. Lot of fun goodies in your door prize. I love how excited you were about the cake mix! Keep plodding along on that Dear Jane, it’s great to see you making progress! I agree that your modern fabrics don’t really need the scalloped edge.

    How wonderful that your friend got the same HQ. That is so fun!


  2. You seem like you are feeling better, I am glad, you were sick for so long I bet it’s nice to be feeling up to doing things.

    I really love the quilt behind you. You and your UFO finishing has inspired me, I have another set of long-languishing (ELEVEN YEARS) blocks on my design wall right now.

    I agree with your friend on finishing your Dear Jane, but also with you on the outside finishing of it. Scallop won’t really go well with the modern feel you are giving the quilt. Your blocks are really looking great on that.

    Congrats on the door prize, you got some really fun stuff in there!


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