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TTMT #716 – Progress, Gifts, & A Winner!

In which I share some goodies I made for my daughter’s birthday, heirloom quilt reproduction progress, and a WINNER for the quilter’s boa made by Jeanie!

❤ Jennifer O.

2 thoughts on “TTMT #716 – Progress, Gifts, & A Winner!

  1. I am so loving your quilt reproduction. It’s going to be epic. I hope they are able to get to your machines soon so that by the time you are physically ready you can start quilting again!

    Very cute shirts for Miss E. I particularly like the “beep boop” text bubble, great addition to that one. And oh my that holo vinyl is so cool, you can really see it sparkle when you move the shirt in that video footage!


    1. I love the Cricut holo. The HTVRont is okay, but the Cricut just shines! I have a few scraps left but might pick some up next time there’s a good sale.

      As you already know, 1I’m loving my project, too. The blocks are so pretty irl!


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