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TTMT #717 – More Gifties

In which I share some fun gifts, a cute embroidered cat toy, and some not-so-great news.

❤ Jennifer O.

3 thoughts on “TTMT #717 – More Gifties

  1. The frog is just freaking adorable, and I really love the bag you made for Eli’s chair. Well do I remember it being delivered… ahem, lol. The red fabric is just so vibrant, I’m so glad you found one that would make you happy.

    It’s times like these that I hate how far apart we live from each other because I just want to hop in the car and come give you a big hug. I sincerely hope this is just it and things start improving from here because it’s just too much and I want things to be better for you. Argh.


    1. I loved making that frog, though I did get pellets EVERYWHERE.

      E and I were talking about the few reprieves we’ve had the last several years. I’d like a long stretch of absolutely boring life!!


  2. The frog is really sweet. I have a pattern somewhere in my mess that’s very similar.

    I’m so very sorry about all the things. Y’all need a break! I’m keeping you in my thoughts. I would be very stressed under the same circumstances.

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