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TTMT#22323-Star Wars Finish

5 thoughts on “TTMT#22323-Star Wars Finish

  1. Girl! I love that Star Wars quilt! It is so good. I love the design, I love how you quilted it, I love that you pieced the back. It’s just fantastic!

    My Grannie would have loved the red quilt. Red was her favorite color. I’m sure someone will just love it.

    Thinking about you while you take care of your mom. I’m sure that can’t be easy. Hugs!


  2. Thank you! I’m really loving how the SW quilt came out too and it was good practice on the longarm. Tried a new border pattern.

    It was weird, I almost reached out to you yesterday. Something was in the back of my mind all day. See that you’ve got your rental, so maybe that was it. LOL! Sending hugs back.


  3. The Star Wars quilt looks great, and what a quick finish! I’m sure he loved it. I’ve only ever made my DH one quilt and based on his use/care (or NOT) of that it’s likely the only one he’ll ever get. But who knows?

    That red quilt has a lot of visual interest, I’m sure someone will love it. Great job on whipping that out. I’m with you on the UFOs, I just cranked through SO many yards of fabric to finish that Dia de los Muertos quilt and backing. I used almost every bit! That’s pounds of fabric that is no longer in my stash, which makes me happy.

    I really feel for you with what you are going through with your mom. It’s really hard when you have to be the grown up for them, personal experience talking. Hang in there and I hope you get the time to do your craft therapy in between appts.


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