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TTMT #715 – Sew, Show, Giveaway

In which I gush over the fabulous package I received from Jeanie Payment and offer up one of the extras she shared with me as a giveaway! I also talk about working on my scrappy reproduction quilt.

Visit Jeanie’s website for more about this project and to get her free pattern.

❤ Jennifer O.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #715 – Sew, Show, Giveaway

  1. I just loved the video. I was sitting in the doctors office giggling watching it. Just made my day! Thank you for sharing them and the link and sending the boas to everyone! Love the giveaway idea. I am so happy your son liked the Red Dragon Inn things. I have had so much fun working on them.
    The blocks look wonderful. I know exactly how it is looking for the perfect fabric. I have been known to destroy a perfectly organized stash searching for it.


    1. Last week was a rough one for me and you helped make it so much nicer! I love everything about the quilter’s boas and I’ve loved sharing. I giggled over the tiny beers, too!

      I’ll find that red fabric. You know when you KNOW what you want and nothing else will do!


  2. Jeanie is always so thoughtful and kind! Lovely gifts!

    I’m looking forward to seeing how your quilt top comes together.. it’s fun to get so much variety into a quilt. The backing is going to be really fun too.


  3. I REALLY love the idea for your backing. Reminds me a little of my halloween quilt backing. It’s just so satisfying to use up so much of your stash! If I see a red come into the store (or already there that I think might work) I will send you the manufacturer and their code so you can see if any of your local shops have it.


    1. I did something similar on the back of my Clover All Over quilt that I made from our swap 2 1/2″ strips. It was all black and white. I do love using up my stash!

      As you know, red was chosen and ordered! I spent ages on the lqs websites trying to find something I like and nothing was quite RED enough or had more print than I wanted.


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