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TTMT #123 A Bit Blue

Hand Quilting and Sewing Machines- Sorry the video is long

4 thoughts on “TTMT #123 A Bit Blue

  1. The Bonnie Hunter quilt will be beautiful all hand quilted. It sounds like you have worn out the tension on you Juki. My mom did that with her Viking sewing machine. I looked on eBay and found parts matching her model. She bought them and replaced the tension knob and springs. Her machine is back to running like it did when I was a kid.

    Good luck figuring out what you are going to do with it. At least you have a couple backups


  2. Oh my gosh, so much to unpack here!

    First of all, I totally love your hair. It is Brave, and Bold, and Beautiful and I love it!

    Watching you sitting there with your hand quilting frame I kind of wonder if you could put some batting or something underneath the clips to help hold tension? I’ve never used anything like that but I can certainly understand where it could get stretched out over time.

    You sound like me and my sewing machines. I’ve never been able to trade one in that I hadn’t blown the timing out on. I use them and I use them hard! I sew on a TL 2010q and I love it. I put it on my frame when I first got that and then I upgraded to the Q’nique 15R. That’s what I’ve been quilting on for the last four plus years and you know how much I love it. It’s in the shop right now because the bobbin winder died on it, but that’s really the first problem that I’ve had that I didn’t cause myself! I still have my carriage and hand control for my Juki , but I am planning on letting those go while we’re cleaning out the house over the next few months. I never got a stitch regulator for it, so I can’t really say what you should do with yours. I’m sure you could probably sell it if you wanted to.

    Go out there and be yourself! If that’s a midlife crisis we should all be having one. ❤️


  3. I don’t know if I can offer any advice on the quilting frame other than what Jennifer already said. Oh and also you can get replacement pvc clamps. I actually bought some back when I had my old 10 foot quilting frame that I got on Amazon. They are meant for building greenhouses and things like that, but basically they come in different diameter sizes, usually in like a 10-pack and are about 4 inches in length. If you are interested I can msg you a link to the ones I bought and you can see if they sell some in the diameter you need.

    As for the Juki, it’s a shame there aren’t any dealers or authorized service locations nearby. Michelle could be totally right, though, you might be able to swap out the tension knob and springs. I bet there is a video out there for doing it, too.

    As for selling the stitch regulator, I sold mine together with my Qzone hoop frame when I decided to buy my Moxie. I didn’t get much for it, but that was more because when the woman who bought the frame came to pick it up we were talking and she had exactly the same machine and made me a cash offer for the two together and I just decided to take the offer and move on with my life, lol. The same regulator works for both of those jukis, that’s what Grace Frames told me. If you decide to sell yours there is a group on Facebook called Longarms and Accessories for Sale and people go there looking to buy stuff like that.

    I am very happy for you and I totally get what you are going through right now, having just gone through it myself over the past year. I got so burnt out and I just needed time to adjust to not working at my old radio and tv jobs. It’s been almost a year since I left the TV station and almost 2 years since the radio station laid me off and I still sometimes have dreams where I’m still working at either or both. It’s a huge change. It’s really taken me some time to adjust to working part time but I really like it and now that I have a more set schedule I am finally starting to be more creative and productive. I did find that for me personally I love working in the afternoon because I can get things done around the house and especially in the sewing room in the mornings. I’m a morning person. By evening I am fried, so if I want to be creative it’s got to be mornings for me. It may take time but you will eventually find your groove. Best of luck with your machines and plans and with this exciting new phase in your life. I really hope we can get together in person this year!


  4. Oh I love the hair! So fun!

    How frustrating to not be able to find a technician nearby.
    I doubt you would regret the upgrade on the frame.

    I was thinking exactly what Jennifer mentioned about your hand frame. Could you squeeze something in it to hold it tighter.

    Maybe it’s a midlife crisis or maybe you a getting a chance to catch your breath after a particularly intense year. You’ve had a lot going on. Now you are getting a moment to be yourself and relax! Enjoy every minute of it!


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