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TTMT#11123-Still or again sick?-no video

So I returned from 10 days of not being home. We celebrated 2nd Christmas with Patick in VA, then I drove with Patrick to NC, then I flew back to DC to take care of my 9 year old niece while my brother & sister in law had to deal with some family business out of state. While H. was in school, I pulled out her sewing machine and got back to my Dear Jane blocks. It was a small enough project for me to bring. H. received a sewing machine for Christmas last year but unfortunately hasn’t had sewing support this past year. She was very excited to get to use her machine and fervently made several stylin’ Barbie doll clothes and an American Girl bed quilt top.

Below are a couple of photos:

1st-Instead of buying the Missouri Star Advent box this year, I purchased the Mystery Handi Quilter longarm template box. I was good and didn’t open until Christmas. I look forward to using these.

These are 6 Dear Jane blocks I made while H. was in school, only 49 to go!

I also participated in a zoom workshop that I had forgotten about . This is my homework that I caught up on last night. I have to make 10-12 Dresden plates. So in this process I found ironing to get a sharp point

tricky, so I cut out a template from a postcard and that has really helped get the shape I desire.

And now I feel like crap again… Very frustrating!

4 thoughts on “TTMT#11123-Still or again sick?-no video

  1. I hat that you are not feeling well, but so glad you got to have that time with her and it looks like she had fun! That was a good solution for your dresden plate blades. I need to make a template for a sample I am getting ready to make for the shop, and I am still working out how I’m going to do it and what to use. I need to experiment a bit before cutting into my 10″ stackers.


  2. Well, darn! I’m so sorry to hear you’re sick again. You’ve definitely had enough of that!

    Thank you for sharing all the great photos. You made good progress on your Dear Jane. I know how fiddly those blocks are. Many years ago when I hosted a paper piecing Club at the lqs, one of the ladies only ever brought Dear Jane to work on.

    Feel better! Hugs ❤️


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