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TTMT #121

Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt

3 thoughts on “TTMT #121

  1. I LOVE your Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt, your color choices worked out in an amazing way. And I really like the xmas version you are working on from the older patter, but I totally get what you are saying. It’s hard to pace yourself when you already have all the of the instructions right there, but then you also can get overwhelmed.

    When you have your dates firmed up let us know! I *might* be able to do something in late Feb. Let us know what/where you are thinking. I think I’m probably the furthest from you but have never been to Paducah for instance, and the museum there, so that might be fun… time for us to start brainstorming!


  2. Jeanie, your mystery quilt looks amazing! I agree that your color choices were just perfect. A couple of years I’ve looked at the mystery quilt and thought I would do it and then I never do. I think I need to know what the finished quilt is going to be before I actually commit! Can’t wait to see how your Christmas quilt comes out.

    I was so tickled to hear you talk about the spray starch! I like a very light spray starch, as you’ve already figured out, so definitely tweak it and make it work for you.

    Oh by gosh, I am so excited to hear you are going back to school! That is so awesome. You are a dynamo and I am sure you will knock it out of the park!

    I would love to see you sometime, but I suspect February is out for me. I still have a boot for another month and both my husband and my daughter’s birthdays are in February. But who knows! If you end up planning something with someone else, and I am able, I will definitely try because I would LOVE to meet you!


  3. I love your Bonnie Hunters! This years is just some of my very favorite colors.
    It turned out really gorgeous!
    The Christmas one is gonna be gorgeous as well. I always love her stuff but find it intimidating.

    Wow congratulations on going back to school. I love that for you. That’s exciting!

    I would love the do a get together. I’m not sure you dates. I have a crazy schedule always but I would love to fit something in.

    I have been brainstorming ideas for another get together since the Houston one.


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