Non Video Post

Recovery Time

Home and resting!

Hello, friends!

I’ve been posting updates on my social media, but I know not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram so I wanted to leave you a quick note to let you know that I am home and recovering from surgery. There were quite a few delays today but we got there in the end. My surgeon was able to perform both procedures we had previously discussed in one surgery which means I only have one recovery, and not two! I will admit my eyes teared up when she told me she’d done some research and she’d decided we could do it in one go! All of my hardware has been removed and my toe has been straightened to prevent further issues down the line. I’m officially hardware free for the first time since 2016!!!

My sweet husband waited all day for me and has been generally amazing and as always attentive to my needs.

Anyway, I’ve been home for a few hours and am properly fed after having to fast for almost an entire day. I am now resting and enjoying your videos. Also, I’m able to walk short distances without crutches which is a huge improvement from last time!

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!

❤️ Jennifer O

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