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TTMT #120 Mystery Quilt and other things

5 thoughts on “TTMT #120 Mystery Quilt and other things

  1. Jeanie, I’m so glad you gotten to have some time off! It sounds like it’s been well spent. Your mystery quilt colors are just fantastic. I love the purple with the teal.

    The coin trays are just great. As soon as I am back on my feet I think I need to make some for my son. My husband gave him some metal coins for Red Dragon Inn as a Christmas gift and he was just delighted.

    I’ve been sitting here thinking about those stuffed Christmas trees and wondering how they would look in non-christmas fabric because I kind of want to have one in my sewing room all the time! Thank you for introducing us to those, they were so fun to make.
    Last, but not least, the tree skirt for your daughter is absolutely phenomenal. Y’all did just a great great job on it and I am not surprised that she loves it. I think it’s my favorite of all the ones you’ve, made it’s so beautiful.

    Have a wonderful New Year!


  2. Your Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt is coming along great. I’ve been saving the directions. I have one that is started and everything is cut. Another that has fabrics pulled and set aside. En Provence might get cut using my Accuquilt dies, I just need to spend some time converting the pattern to the number of pieces I need for it. I love your purple. I’m hoping to do a mystery quilt along starting in February with purples, blues and yellow. That purple and blue would work great in it. I hope you have a lot left over.

    Your daughters tree skirt turned out fantastic.

    I think the same thing happened in Jackson in the late 90’s with JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby. I’m glad they have both stores now. If I get back to Jackson, I’ll have to let you know so we could meet up.

    Happy New Year 2023.


  3. I really love the colors on your mystery quilt, it’s really lovely!

    What a beautiful tree skirt! No wonder she loves it.

    Like Jennifer, I have been contemplating non xmassy fabrics in a stuffed tree. If it were for the project room, I would probably add buttons and other embellishments. So that’s probably going to happen at some point, lol.

    So glad you had some time to rest and and feed your creative soul, and I love the story about the conversation at Joann fabrics. I love when something like that happens.


  4. Ehhhmmm The sweatshirt is AMAZING! I’m a snoopy girl 😀

    Your BH Mystery quilt last year was fabulous. I liked what you did with it. The colors this year are yummy! I love purples & blues.

    The tree skirts you made are absolutely fantastic!
    Oh I love when I meet a new friend like that. So fun! I am especially thrilled when I meet a new quilty friend in person.

    Coffee is always a good thing.

    Happy New Year


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