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WordPress posting issues

Hello, all!

Both Jeanie and myself had some trouble posting this week. If you click “publish” and get an error message, check the Post Drafts. Your post will automatically save there and we have both been able to post what we’d already written. It’s not ideal, but it’s better than having to do it all again.

If you aren’t sure how to get to the drafts, let me know and I’m happy to check for you.

Love y’all!


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Holding Pattern

I swore I was going to make a video this week, but as it hasn’t happened yet, and I have absolutely nothing crafty to show, I am going to wait and try to record on Monday so I can get my butt organized to post on Tuesday.

Things that have happened since last week: My new Juki 2000qi machine arrived, yay! Unfortunately I was missing a couple of key components to hooking it up on the Qzone Hoop quilting frame, but those parts should arrive Saturday. So I am gearing up to (FINALLY) start quilting again. My plan is to master this set up so that I can quilt ALL THE THINGS.

I sold my Arrow Gidget I table today on Craig’s List for only a little less than I paid for it, which is awesome. Some of that that money is going into the crafty kitty to save for “other things”. Meanwhile I’ve moved the Pfaff back onto the desk I was using before I bought the gidget. Yes, I know I have only had the table since May, but I’ve never been happy with it. It was “kinda” ok for the Kenmore, but I sold both my Kenmores to help buy the Juki. Priorities! I do not need 5 sewing machines, I do NOT.  That being said, the desk isn’t great for sewing with the Pfaff either, but it will do until I find something I think will work better, or sell the Pfaff, whichever comes first (Pfaff is currently listed on Craig’s List, too). As always, my project room seems to be a never ending work in progress, but I decided as long as I have my Singer 301A as my travel and/or emergency back up machine, I didn’t need the two Kenmores, anymore. I had kept the big one more for sentimental reasons than anything else. It was my aunt’s. I learned to quilt on it. I pieced and quilted TWO PoDs on it. But it was big, and it was a pain to have to use cams to do the different stitches, and I only have so much room and it just wasn’t WORKING for me and what I do as well as it used to. And the little one was so darn cute! But I didn’t need it the way I needed to be able to quilt again.

Other changes are coming, too, but let’s leave it at that for now. I think that’s enough to be going on with for now, don’t you?


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Bags, the Final Half-Dozen

I did not have time to record yesterday and won’t have time today, as I continue cleaning up the project room this morning before work, in the aftermath of the great bag-making endeavors.  In the end I made 13 bags and have delivered them to specific coworkers between Monday and Tuesday of this week. I have some canvas left that I’m going to use for some bags for my own household. That being said, I already got the best commentary from one of the recipients of a bag that was a lightweight denim on the inside and a cotton on the outside with a print of various vegetables. She got her bag on Monday and she took it to Trader Joe’s that evening. 2 different people approached her and wanted to know where she got it! hearing something like that always makes me happy. And in this case makes me thing I might want to consider making more of these to sell at a future date.

By pressing and cutting the fabric pieces and preparing the straps in advance, I was able to crank out 6 of these babies in one day! Well worth the prep work. I used the following tutorial as the foundation for these last 6 bags, but I increased the fabric length of both the outside and the lining by 6 inches, and I also did french seams, and boxed the corners. Because of the french seams, I did not cut off the corners after boxing them, I just left them inside since their seams were finished. I will put the video tutorial which I based my final bags on below.

Meanwhile, Have pics of the last 6 bags. There are two bright green with red lining, one with a print of condiments and same red lining, and 3 with veggies on the outside and denim on the inside.

See you next week!

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Protected: Did some sewing!

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Protected: Update for TTMTers

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Hoping for a little help from my friends

Good morning and Happy Friday! I want to make a quilt for someone who really really really wants this one she saw on facebook. Of course it’s from one of those horrible “quilt blanket” scam sites that steal people’s photos. I have been unable to locate the original source of the photo/maker of the quilt.


I have told her it is highly unlikely I will be able to find that exact panel, which looks digitally printed to me. However, I know some of you have mentioned that you have bought panels and then had them sitting around, so if this happens to be one of them, I would be willing to buy it from you or swap or something. Whatever we need to do. Meanwhile, if you have seen something even kind of similar, even if it’s in a different colorway, would you please clue me in? Because I can’t find anything like it other that these stupid scam sites. It needs to have at least one big butterfly whose wings are spread open like these. If it’s the wrong color maybe I can overdye it or something.

I’m less concerned about the border fabrics, all I need is varying shades of the same color and I can do piano keys or something.

I’m on a mission!

Thanks in advance…


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No video this week (probably)

It’s been kind of a crazy roller coaster the last few days, including having to order an unplanned new fridge Sunday morning. We weren’t expecting them to be able to deliver it so quickly (TODAY) so sunday was spent in a frantic bit of moving the old fridge and furniture to make it easier to get it out and the new one in, and also clean in the corner the fridge calls home. So and right now the Project Room (and my back and my brain!) are in utter chaos, and I probably won’t record a video this week. However, I can update you on the Memorial Quilt for my friend DeAnn. I finished piecing the top, but the 12″ solid pink squares just really bug me, being so big and empty, so I decided to do some hand embroidery in them. Nothing super fancy, just some lyrics from a song by her all time favorite artist that also seems appropriate for what this quilt represents.

That’s what’s up here in Burque*


*Burque: Slang/abbreviation for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Thought to have originated from the original spelling of the city “Alburquerque”, which was named for the city in Spain. Pronounced Boor-keh