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Hoping for a little help from my friends

Good morning and Happy Friday! I want to make a quilt for someone who really really really wants this one she saw on facebook. Of course it’s from one of those horrible “quilt blanket” scam sites that steal people’s photos. I have been unable to locate the original source of the photo/maker of the quilt.


I have told her it is highly unlikely I will be able to find that exact panel, which looks digitally printed to me. However, I know some of you have mentioned that you have bought panels and then had them sitting around, so if this happens to be one of them, I would be willing to buy it from you or swap or something. Whatever we need to do. Meanwhile, if you have seen something even kind of similar, even if it’s in a different colorway, would you please clue me in? Because I can’t find anything like it other that these stupid scam sites. It needs to have at least one big butterfly whose wings are spread open like these. If it’s the wrong color maybe I can overdye it or something.

I’m less concerned about the border fabrics, all I need is varying shades of the same color and I can do piano keys or something.

I’m on a mission!

Thanks in advance…


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No video this week (probably)

It’s been kind of a crazy roller coaster the last few days, including having to order an unplanned new fridge Sunday morning. We weren’t expecting them to be able to deliver it so quickly (TODAY) so sunday was spent in a frantic bit of moving the old fridge and furniture to make it easier to get it out and the new one in, and also clean in the corner the fridge calls home. So and right now the Project Room (and my back and my brain!) are in utter chaos, and I probably won’t record a video this week. However, I can update you on the Memorial Quilt for my friend DeAnn. I finished piecing the top, but the 12″ solid pink squares just really bug me, being so big and empty, so I decided to do some hand embroidery in them. Nothing super fancy, just some lyrics from a song by her all time favorite artist that also seems appropriate for what this quilt represents.

That’s what’s up here in Burque*


*Burque: Slang/abbreviation for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Thought to have originated from the original spelling of the city “Alburquerque”, which was named for the city in Spain. Pronounced Boor-keh



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Mystery Post

Hello, friends.

There was a post from Vanda earlier this week that was an old post with out of date information that somehow reposted. Neither one of us has any idea how it happened. I’ve spoken with Vanda and the post has been deleted.


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Hey, guys!

Just for fun, I created and ordered a TTMT t-shirt for myself! It’s been a while since I had a new one and I didn’t feel up to cutting out a stencil. I put this together using Zazzle’s clip art & text tools. I thought some fo you might enjoy having one, too. 🙂
I *think* they send a coupon for your first order if you sign up for their emails.
Anyway, just for fun…a Talk to Me Tuesday printed T-Shirt!
Full disclaimer: I do receive an affiliate fee for purchases. That’s how I bought my own shirt. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to be sneaky here! ♥


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TTMT for Charity!

Hello, TTMTers!

Watching our various videos this week, I couldn’t but notice that most if not all of us make quilts, hats, baby clothing, and a variety of other things to donate to various charities.

I’d like to make a list of links for each of our respective organizations so we can share here on the TTMT blog. I think it would be a great way to share what we do and it will give our viewers an easy way to connect to the charities we support.

If you’ll leave links in comments, I’ll figure out the best way to share them here on the blog. Thanks!

Thank you all for being awesome!


EDITED to add: page in progress here! Thank you for your responses. ♥

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Ten Years is approximately 530 Tuesdays!

ttmt square badge

Hello, Talk to Me Tuesday Friends!

If you watched my video today, you know that I am very excited to announce that April 2019 will be TTMT’s 10th anniversary!

If you’re already here, you know probably know that Talk to Me Tuesday is a group of crafty friends who share show & tell videos of what we’re working on each week on right here on

To celebrate Ten Years of Crafty Friendship, I’m inviting ALL past, present, and (potential!) future TTMTers to post a video during April.

If you’d like to join us on, email me at

Past Talk to Me Tuesday-ers, I’ll add you without question.

If you’re new and would like to join us in our video making, please email a link to your YouTube account and I’d be happy to add you.

If you’d like to post just one video, but don’t want to join the WordPress site, you’re welcome to make a crafty show & tell video and email your video link to the same address and I will post it in April.


Everyone who posts a video will be entered in a drawing to the above prize from yours truly as well as a special gift from Rainey!

I hope to hear from you soon! Can’t wait to celebrate OUR anniversary!

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