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TTMT 146

6 thoughts on “TTMT 146

  1. You are going to have fun with the Cricket. I look forward to seeing what you create. They you got so many neat souvenirs from Houston.


  2. I laughed out loud when you were shouting out the door at Matt!

    I sure hope your mom is feeling better. That is so scary.

    It was just wonderful to see how excited you were about all of your goodies from Houston! How lovely to see you bought something from Sarah Cooper. I had followed her work on Instagram for years before I bought something from her. Everything she does is lovely! And seeing you jump right in with your Cricut is awesome! Jewells got me hooked and now it’s your turn! I also have a maker 3. So fun!


  3. Sounds like you’re diving straight in with the Cricut! That’s fantastic.. I hope you find dozens of ways to use it.. I’ve been enjoying watching Jennifer use hers in so many different ways, and I imagine you’re going to do the same.


  4. It was amazing getting to soend time with you in Houston, and I think it’s awesome that you have joing ed “cricut club”. It’s going to be really handy with Matt owning a business, and it’s just fun to use. I have a maker, because maker 3 didn’t exist when I got mine, lol. So I can’t use the smart vinyl with mine, but that doesn’t stop me. If you like to do fabric applique then you will love the rotary blade, you don’t even need to have any stabilizer or steam a seam on the fabric, and if you have an embroidery machine (I don’t) you can even use them together for applique. But that rotary blade does fantastic cuts on fabric. I’m excited that you’re excited!


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