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TTMT #702 – Cricut Crafting

It’s been a very Cricut week around here!

Me on Cricut Design Space

6 thoughts on “TTMT #702 – Cricut Crafting

  1. The Linus heart quilt is really nice… Sarah did a great job!

    The ornaments are really great! That metallic holographic version of the dice is super flashy. And the glass ones are really lovely… nice to be able to make them special for each recipient.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. The linus heart quilt is a great backdrop!
    I love how much fun everyone is having with their cricuts. The ornaments are super fun. And I love the heart baskets. Very neat!

    I also love that they sent out all those bags and the purpose for them. I’m glad you had what you needed on hand to make it work when the fabric markers weren’t so hot.


    1. I was so pleased when I found out big E had volunteered to participate in a charity project that involves crafts, lol! I was also really glad I had all those fabric markers because sheesh! I hope that didn’t happen to anyone else!

      As you know, I am loving my Cricut. I have a few more December crafts planned that I need to get going on next week.

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  3. Ooh I love the ornaments. My family are just getting into card/dice games. The current one is the Red Dragon Inn board game. We’ve had so much fun. Up to about 15 characters now. I just purchased mini beers for the “drunk” part for Christmas from Etsy.
    BTW..we are huge Skrim players here. Last year I got my nephew a deadric bust 3d print. It was awesome.
    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃


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