TTMT Video

TTMT #114

Catey’s Quilts and Graceland

Update on Steven- Steven is doing much better and back to work. He had a very bad infection, and during the process of taking care of him, the doctors found a mass. We are waiting on the test results (hopefully today) The doctor says that even if he has to have surgery, it should be a quick recovery.

Update on my kitchen- We originally had to postpone the court date because they were unable to serve the paperwork. (they couldn’t locate him) Then we postponed because of Steven’s health. In the mean time, I was able to get additional information on the contractor and they should be able to serve him papers this week. We will be going to court the end of the month.

6 thoughts on “TTMT #114

  1. We’re the same way with local attractions. We live here, so we just don’t go! I am glad you got to get away a little bit. I know how much you love Elvis.

    The quilts for your niece and her kiddos are really lovely. I hope they bring them comfort during their difficult time.

    I’ve been thinking of y’all and hoping all is well. I really hope you hear back from the doctor today. ♥


  2. The quilts are beautiful. I hope they bring her and her family comfort.

    I went to Graceland when I went on a work trip to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in 2013. It was interesting. The living room with the long gree shag carpet and mirrored tiles in the dining room were straight out of my childhood home, lol. I’m glad y’all enjoyed your visit.


  3. It seems like a lot of the time the attractions nearest us are the ones we see the least… basically only if someone comes to town and wants to see the sights. Glad you had a good time though, and that your husband got to see something he’s never seen before!

    The quilts for your niece and family turned out really nicely.


  4. Graceland is great, we use to take family and friends there when we lived in Tennessee. Glad you got to go.

    The quilts for your nieces are beautiful.


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