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TTMT-little finish and pretty finds

4 thoughts on “TTMT-little finish and pretty finds

  1. Way to go cranking out those last few blocks! The got those stripes perfectly lined up, very impressed!

    What amazing finds at the shop and a terrific bunch of stuff for your auction/raffles. Sounds like it would be a fun shop to visit if I am ever in the area. Look forward to seeing what comes from the black and white and hot pink.


  2. Even when you say you haven’t gotten much done, you always do! Great mini quilt from your challenge, way to crank it out!

    Water Wheel sounds like a delightful shop. How awesome is them to support your guild, too.

    Happy sewing!


  3. I really like the way stripes add a fun touch to quilts. The neon green is a great accent color for the quilt.
    Your LQS is great to donate so many patterns and fabric.

    The Tula Pink fabric is fabulous, as is the other fabrics that you picked up.


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