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TTMT #434 – Outside Again!

In a surprising turn of events, we’re back outside today with another finish!






16 thoughts on “TTMT #434 – Outside Again!

  1. It must be PPV week; I hope everyone else got the memo. Heehee. You Halloween theme is such a great spin on it and the glow-in-the-dark thread is terrific.

    I am so in love with the Lion King project and I know the two quilt recipients will be as well.

    As for the keyblade, I have no idea who the character is he will be dressing as, but I do know that what we’ve seen of the costume is so well made and that keyblade is fantastic! Job well done!

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    1. It is PPV week and I love it!! My Halloween quilt is now washed and put away for October! I can’t wait to get it out and snuggle under it. When it’s not 100 degrees out…

      I still haven’t pieced the Linus top, but life is pretty busy at the moment. Hopefully, I’ll get to it soon!

      The keyblade is from a video game. Don’t worry, other than knowing what the game is, I don’t know much either! He worked so hard on it and I’m really proud!

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  2. I love that halloween ppv so much. What a great idea that was!
    His keyblade turned out so amazing. Great job G! So glad your kids absorbed your love for costuming.
    I can’t wait for a certain someone to get his quilt. Ya for the lion king, that project came out so great!


    1. I love my Halloween PPV so much! I’ve had a request for a glow in the dark photo so I’ll see what I can do when it’s dark. Hehe!

      Tomorrow for the certain someone! It’s all bagged up and ready to go. 🙂

      The keyblade just blows my mind. He worked SO hard on it!


  3. Your Halloween quilt is spookily gorgeous. The piano key border is perfect to finish this quilt off. Love it!

    Your son stole the show this week. His key thingy is amazing! The handle is brilliant. I thought it was that tape you wrap around baseball bats or hockey sticks, etc. that keeps your hands from slipping. How perfect is the pringles can? He did an amazing job.


    1. Thanks! I’m pleased to finally have a Halloween quilt!

      I’m silly proud of his creativity! We tried to source some variety of wrap locally, but couldn’t find anything. What we found online was more expensive than his budget allowed, so this was the solution. I really like how he figured it all out!


  4. The Halloween PPV looks really great!

    And your son’s costume. All the parts look really fantastic.. I don’t know what it’s meant to look like, but it’s obvious he (and you!) has put a lot of care and attention to detail into it. It’s sure to be amazing.


  5. Oh, WOW the new PPV looks amazing, such a striking difference from your original done in floursack fabrics. Those free-motion spiders though!

    Of course I had to google Roxas to see who G is going as. Lots of my students love Kingdom Hearts, and I know their characters are beautifully done. What an epic prop. I didn’t even know there was an Anime con this weekend!! Will we get to see pics of the final cosplay? That would be awesome!


    1. I am dancing to have you here in comments! ♥

      Thank you for the lovely compliment. I’m so happy with the Halloween PPV.

      This is G’s second go as Roxas. He went back to Richardson early JUST to get to go to this con. Final cosplay pics in tomorrow’s video! 🙂


  6. *props a chair behind Jennifer*

    Yes, I am commenting. *waits for Jennifer to fall down*

    I LOVE your Halloween PPV!! And the Lion King came out PURRRRRRRR-fect.

    Go you for getting stuffs done. (*sighs as she looks at her pile*)

    G’s keyblade came out AWESOME!!! I hope he had a fantastic time!


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