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No video today

Hi there, folks! All is well, however I have absolutely nothing to show, and didn’t have time before work this morning to film even a teeny tiny video. I dropped off Miss P at university Saturday, after helping her move into her on-campus apartment. It was a super long day, and Sunday was spent recovering from the heat, hours of driving round trip + loading and unloading.

That being said, last night quilting on my 2011 PoD resumed, and now that Miss P is not home I can quilt in the morning before work, too, so that’s what I did instead of filming today. I was going to put this quilt away so I could get started on my great-nephew’s quilt, because, though he’s not due until September 15, he’s expected basically any day now. However, last night I decided I really want to at least finish the quilting on my PoD, even if I don’t get it bound quite yet. Besides, I still haven’t decided on what I want to do for Baby Sawyer’s quilt, so I figured why not keep quilting at least until I make that decision? I have seen so many ideas but just haven’t settled on anything yet. This is always the hardest part for me when it comes to making a baby quilt… what to do, what to do??

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late!) I’m about halfway done quilting the background on the inside of the PoD shelves. This part goes quicker than when you are doing the individual blocks, so I made a decent amount of progress already just since dinner last night.

I’ll leave you with a photo of the courtyard in Miss P’s new place. She’s on the 3rd (top) floor… in fact her apartment door is behind the 1st wide column from the right… The blue tower houses a study room for each floor, and the red has the elevator. This is so much prettier than the courtyard at her dorm last year!

chamisa courtyard

Looking forward to watching your videos and I will see you next week!


11 thoughts on “No video today

    1. I’m essentially doing an allover meander on the background occasionally outlining and echoing, depending on what items are in that block. It goes so much faster than doing the individual books!
      If I could decide on what I want to do for the baby quilt I could alternate piecing blocks and quilting, since I have both machines set up, but my mind is currently not in deciding mode I guess.
      Her dorm was kind of a dump, I have to say. These apartments are newer and nicer. Even though hers is the oldest of this particular complex, it’s still a huge step up from the dorm.


  1. Glad to hear from you even if we don’t get to see your face. YAY for working on the PoD! I’ll bet you have that knocked out in no time at all. I know you’ll come up with something spectacular for the baby quilt.

    Your daughter’s apt. courtyard is beautiful! I can’t imagine waking up to see palm trees every day. Sigh. I hope she loves her new living quarters. By the way, it would have taken me at least a week to get over the move (maybe even a month); but then I am a wee bit older than you.


    1. NMSU really does have a nice campus, which is unexpected since Las Cruces is so dry and HOT and blech. I’m not sure why they went with palm trees, but they have them throughout the campus, and in other parts of Las Cruces. It’s a very different look to most of the state, where cedars and ponderosa pines and mulberry trees abound. The living rooms look out onto the courtyards, and the bedroom windows look out onto the park and pond and the rest of campus. It’s actually a pretty nice view, from the 3rd floor at least. Oh and Sunday I took 2 long sofa naps and aside from grocery shopping in the morning, I just lay on the sofa watching Barbara Stanwyk movies on TCM, it was her all day long. And I was still falling asleep at my desk right before lunch yesterday.

      My problem with the baby quilt is that I have had TOO MANY IDEAS run through my head. So I can’t settle on any of them. This is a common problem with me, I tend to overthink everything.


  2. That is definitely a beautiful courtyard. I like that the study rooms are a bit separate from the apartments. Cuts back on the noise I would imagine. I think when you’re in college you need a nice view to keep your mind fresh. How stimulated or motivated can someone be if they’re looking out at a highway all the time?


    1. Frankly in that town the campus is the nicest part, scenery-wise, so I’m glad they make the apartment area nice so the students can play frisbee or whatever they play these days in their non-study hours.


  3. I cant wait to see your PoD done. I know its going to look amazing. I still don’t know what to make for the twins as far as blankets. So hard to decide. Miss P has a fancy place. Hope your doing great.


    1. I can’t wait to see it done, too. I managed to schedule my personal day from work today, so I’m home and getting ready to go quilt as soon as my coffee is gone.

      Maybe pick a quick pattern and do the quilts in reverse of each other. Switch the background and focus fabric from one quilt to the other, so they are the same but different. Like twins! 🙂


  4. Congrats, momma on getting Miss P off to school for another year! Lovely building and courtyard!

    I’ve heard a birdie say you gots something finished! *dashes off to check it out*


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