TTMT Video

TTMT #49

Hello guys!

I made a video last week and forgot to upload! This is that video. I very busy at work at the moment I’m on my 11 day work week and then I’m off. I’m currently on just day 3 of 11. I will try to sneak in a video next week with just a little life updates. Like having my car hit again for the third time this year (done where my fault for the record). I feel at the moment like I’m trying to climb my mountain at work but just being stuck in the valley. I can’t wait to get my hands on the baby PoD so I can just quilt when I’m off and relax my mind. See y’all next week. Thank you for letting my rant in this post.


6 thoughts on “TTMT #49

  1. I like the mason jar fabric! I’m sending you my phone # via FB message. Just give me a call and we’ll make some plans!

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been working on!


  2. Sometimes handwork is the perfect thing to do. Your work life sounds as… I won’t say bad, just as all-consuming as mine is right now. I’ve been looking at some small things to knit to keep my hands busy. Nice pkg from Kristel. That fabric will be perfect for your quilt. Hang in there and we look forward to your next video.


  3. Working 11 days in a row is tough. It doesn’t leave much room for much else. Handwork is is good for busy times like that. You can pick it up easily and put it down a couple minutes later without much cleanup. All those 5-10 minute sessions add up faster than people realize.


  4. I got my package from you in plenty of time! No problems there…and thank you, the fabric was great. Now If I can just get a video made showing them all to everyone it’d be good.


  5. Yay! I love sending fabric to people who will be able to use it and who will appreciate it more than I will (and of course it’ll be perfect in that quilt)!

    Even if you can’t use the bookplates, feel free to send them along to someone else 😀 They’re pretty, but… I don’t know, maybe not the most useful thing? I really just kind of liked the quilt block picture (though I had assumed there’d be multiple different ones instead of all one on each sticker).

    Hope you’re making it through the long stretch of too much work!


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