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TTMT #53 | No Show, All Tell | 04/02/2019

Hi All,

No project finishes to show today. Just a bit of chit-chat and bouncing a few ideas around. Oh and testing out a new backdrop. Let me know what you think!

Have a great week!

13 thoughts on “TTMT #53 | No Show, All Tell | 04/02/2019

  1. I like the new backdrop, and it does look like a castle. It’s not as intimate as your actual castle, but I like it. Maybe put a shade/blind or something. Stone walls outside reflect light, you know. You might want to consider painting on it, like put a hedge along the bottom or some flowers, or you could put some “sweet graffiti” in bright colors that are not controversial, or I bet you could think of something.
    People can be so disappointing. They wonder why I have trust issues! Sorry about that.
    Have a great week.


  2. I do like the backdrop, but I agree with you, a shade to tone out the light would be nice. I also like the idea of using some of your projects already made to get more content on your YouTube. I’ve been thinking of doing something similar, but mainly with my gaming.

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  3. I like the wall if you can kill the glare. It won’t look very Castle like with the glare.

    I’m sorry the guy didn’t show up. That’s like the last thing you need to be dealing with right now.
    Maybe he’ll show up on another day for you?

    Hope your weather is nice this week and cooperates.

    Have a good week


    1. Uggg I hit send by accident! Lol The weather has been decent and some sprinkles of super nice days so I did get the play area and toys all scrubbed down. This morning it’s cold and rainy so I get to concentrate on sewing.


  4. Honestly I prefer seeing your crafty space rather than a backdrop. If you check out other people doing tutorials and crafty vlogs they are just doping them in their crafty space and maybe sometimes they have a big project like a quilt or something hanging behind them but mostly it’s their crafty space.

    I have been pulling weeds to keep them from spreading via their roots. This has been a damper spring than usual so far and it’s been easier to get them out of the ground with the roots, however, I’m not cleaning up the dead leaves from the flower beds until our temps stay above 50 degrees day or night. The vast majority of pollinators like butterflies and moths overwinter in the landscape … Beyond butterflies, bees can also rely on leaf litter for protection.


    1. True… soon the method to my madness should be explained. But I am still testing out different things to see what feels like the best representation .

      So far the weeding is easy. The walking areas around the raised garden boxes is in need of a load of mulch. But that will have to wait. I am trying something out in the boxes to hopefully help keep any stay seeds from germinating so when I am ready to plant it will still be weed free.

      Good that you can wait to remove your leaves, for the beneficial insects sake. Since I live on the end lot I get a lot of trash and other people’s leaves blown into my yard. I’m doubting anything is in that mess. And as much as I love taking care of the planet, when on a strict schedule, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. 😉


  5. My 2 cents on the Castle wall: I kind of prefer seeing your crafting space BUT if you are using the videos to sell your crafts to the public, the wall is less busy and might help buyers focus more on the merchandise.

    I’m sorry about the no-show too. If you say you’re going to be somewhere, be there. If you can’t be there at least call and ‘splain yourself.


    1. Thank you! All good points that I am taking into my final consideration… who knew so much went into trying to have a YouTube channel! Lol

      Yeah I shoulda know better than to think he could keep his word… but you try to give people a chance … not again! Smh


  6. 15 years with your day care. That’s awesome. It takes lots of energy and planning. Good for you.
    I like the darker side of the wall. I do like seeing your craft room, too. Hugs to you!


    1. Thank you! And oh so true!!! Good that some lesson plans get reused after a 3-4 yr rotation.

      The walk looks all dark this week, I moved some things around. And waited until the sun was set. Helped so much with the glare. XOXO


    1. I’m still on the fence. Will keep the stone for this month for sure and then revisit the plan again. Also trying to decide if the sewing room set up is working or should be rearranged with the addition of the Singer in the cabinet. It’s always something! Lol

      Thank you! 15 years went by so fast! Looking forward to doing a 20yrs reunion with the kids… sorry most are already adults. That’s hard to wrap my mind around!

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